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I still need support anything at all ??

Hi new to this , I am currently pregnant again after 2 miscarriages.

Was over the moon when I found out all the symptoms were so clear, sense of smell, taste, boobs, fatigue, nausea even a increase in hunger. 

Last period was 7 of November  had a small bleed on the 21st of November   midwife says I should be exactly 6 weeks today, 

So basically for the last week or so I feel as though my symptoms have faded and have had really bad back pain got an emergency scan today which should that thevery baby is only measurin 5 weeks no sign of heart beat but that could be just because it's to early.  

What should I expect??

Has anyone been here before??

Am I going to miscarry again ??


  • Please don't  read and run just need something to hold on to until my next scan

  • My next scan is the 4th of January it's not long but feels like forever 

  • Especially when I haven't told anyone but my partner and have to spend Christmas apart and with our family and have to act like every thing is fine 

  • Can't believe the amount of people who's seen this and hasn't replied. This is to support people and help people not ignore and make them feel worse as though no one cares enough to respond 

  • Hiya! Soo im not sure theres much i can say to settle your nerves, id say try and enjoy xmas as much you can and the 4th will be here in no time! Good sign is youve had no bleeding! Xx

  • Kyciee my symptoms started to abate around the 7 weeks mark and I panicked, I'm now almost 9 weeks. Every pregnancy is different and your symptoms will differ with each one. At this point in time nobody can give you any answers, all you can do is have faith in your body and it's ability. Best of luck xx

  • Kycie, after two missed miscarriages I know how you feel.... It's a tricky time of year too.

    This time round we ended up going private to a recurrent miscarriage consultant who prescribed me progesterone pessaries until I was 20 weeks. I'm currently now 38weeks :-)

    Could you book in for a private early scan before 4th Jan? With this pregnancy we've had about 10 scans in total as ive been totally paranoid of something going wrong.... You can book them through a private clinic... or could you contact your local early pregnancy unit and ask for another scan?

    Have you tried the clearblue digital tests? Although it's not nice, that's how I knew something wasn't right previously as it should say pregnant 3+ weeks if things are going well & HCG levels are rising... but mine were going down in weeks (2-3 and then 1-2) so I knew something wasn't right 

    Best wishes x 

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