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Hi My 7 year old is starting brownies today very scared about it but she will be fine do you have any experiences of brownies ?


  • Hi Magpie22 - and welcome to MadeForMums!

    I hope your daughter has a lovely time at Brownies today. I have boys, so I don't have any direct experience of Brownies (well, not in the past 20 years!) but, if my friends' daughter's experiences are anything to go by, Brownies is great fun and the source of lots of good friendships.

    Do let us know how she got on, won't you?

  • Hello I hope your little one enjoyed brownies my eldest is 6 and goes to Rainbows. For many years I was involved in guiding it has given me some amazing memories and life experiences. My daughter loves rainbows and will join brownies when she is 7 in July her sister can't wait to join rainbows when she is 5 in may ! 

  • Hi Magpie22! I used to be a Brownie myself (a while ago mind you!), I remember being so nervous about starting, as I didn't know anyone..but as soon as i got there an older girl looked after me and i was soon making new friends and having a great time! I have fond memories of doing shows, going on trips, learning new skills and having my first sleepover away from home on a weekend Brownie Camp! Your daughter will have a great time, I'm sure! :)

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