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small for dates arrrrrrrrrrrr

hi why is it midwives love to worry you at my last visit to her she told me baby is 2 cm smaller than it should be they send you for a scan at three cm then she told me id see her in 2 weeks so now ive got two weeks to worry im not usally the worrying type but my daughter is small for her age and as a result ive had two and a half years of doctors and health visitors i really had high hopes that number two would not b small but its started even earlier at least abi waited until she was born to give me grief lol. thats better


  • when i was pregnant with my daughter i was told was small for dates,but im only little and i put it down to that as i had a scan n everything was fine xx
  • wouldnt worry if i were you. we are all different. The midwife said my 2nd would be nowhere near the size of the first- she was actually an ounce heavier.
    Im also a 42-weeker but they still insisted on inducing me both times.
    If you feel like 'you' then there's really no need to worry. at least you'll get another chance to see your baby x
  • cheers girls i just get so enoyed that they have a graph with a line and make you feel awful if you child/bump doesnt follow it
  • During my last pregnancy i was told i was 'too small' for my dates. i went for a scan the day before i went into labour and the scan lady asked me if i was sure of my dates and sent me to the antenatal unit to be monitored! The next day my daughter was born weighing in at 6lbs! She was all tucked up is all and my bump was tiny all the way through my pregnancy. SO don't worry, be happy and confident that your baby is ok, how can one graph realte to all the prgnant women in the world? it's ridiculous, just an 'avarage'. HOpe the scan goes well. xx
  • as far as im concerned , if somethings not right youll know istinctivly, i always have,so when they say stuff like that i never worry. also,get used to the graph thing lol when your baby is born they go off one of them for weights etc,my daughter was always alot heavier!!! she never had a health problem worse than a cold!!! tk care x
  • Hi i'm 36 weeks and have just had a visit from my midwife, she has told my i only measure 33 weeks, she said we need to keep an eye on the baby then says we'll see you in 2 weeks time. Hows that keeping an eye on me!!!!!
    I was a small baby my partner was a small baby, and his daughter from past relationship was a small baby. so if she was that conserned then she would of sent me for a scan wouldnt she????
  • Every baby and every pregnancy are different. You arre right if she was really worried she would have sent you for a scan. With both mine I have always measured smaller, but I am small and my first was 2 weeks early and weighed 6 12, they have said that I am quite lucky that I carry all baby and not too much water.(I dont mind cos the diet after isnt as bad) But, I love the way people do always compare, the babies size will probably suprise you when they are born. I had a friends who was the same too, she measured a lot smaller and midwife said if she went full term baby would be about 6 pound, she went full term and baby weighed 8 pound. As long as you feel ok, than you should be fine. Good luck xx
  • Well i only weighed 5.7 my partner weighed 4.4 and he was full term. so i never expected to be big or have a big baby, the smaller the baby the happier i'll be as i gotta get in to my wedding dress within 2 mths of giving birth..
  • At the end of the day as long as their healthy thats all that matters, I dont know why people try and have the biggest baby nowdays, who would want a 10lb plus baby?? Good luck with the baby and the wedding!! xx
  • I was told I was small for dates and I really was tiny with my first baby. Now that I'm expecting my second, I've been told I am too big for dates by about two weeks! im not worried though, every pregnancy is different and I think after the first your mustles tend to stretch a bit!
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