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Ouch!! My tailbone hurts :(

I think I've bruised my bum :lol:

I don't know how I could have done it, last time I felt like this was after I fell flat on my bum after a drunken rollerskate episode (don't ask!) I was in agony for weeks.

As I can't think of anything that I have done, my friend said it could be the old injury being made worse by the pressure of my uterus / the baby.

Would that happen so early? (Am 14 weeks)



  • Hi Lulu

    I've had this since about 13 weeks too. The MW said it's just everything stretching. I'm now 26+3 and it still hurts but hasn't really got any worse. I just try not to sit for too long at a time, sit on cushions where I can and keep jiffling/changing positions. Being in the car is the worst, I sit on a pillow.

  • I also had this early on in my pregnancy (an aggrivated old injury). My pain did get better as time went on and I only feel the odd twinge every now and again. I'm now 38 + 4. Not long now! Hope this problem resolves itself for you. xxx
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