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castor oil

hi girls, i just have a few questions about the castor oil theory. i have read different stories about it, most of which say it works more often than not, and has quite a quick effect. i know it basically works by upsetting your tummy and this in turn triggers off contractions. a friend recently took some on her due date and went into labour within three hours... although she did get the runs first!

basically i'm wondering if anybody here has tried it before? or know of anybody who has and if they would recomend it or not. or has anybody been told not to do it by there midwives?

i'm just curious because i'm really fed up now, and sometimes it feels like i'd do anything to get things going. but i don't want to put my baby or myself at risk of anything. so what do others think?

linzi, 39+1


  • They told us at antenatal class that castor oil was bad and shouldn't be used to try and bring on labour.

    I think it can be thought to work cause it stimulates the bowel which can irritate the uterus and potentially bring on contractions, which is the same theory behind having a curry - although much more aggressively.

    I honestly can't remember the exact reasons why they said don't take castor oil but they definately said no!
  • my auntie is a mw and told me not to use it as it can put babys health at risk due to the labour being brought on unnaturally can send the baby into distress and cause problems like the cord getting caught round the baby neck personally i wouldnt recomend it babies come when they are ready x
  • thanks for the advise then! definately don't want to be trying it if it could harm my LO!
  • I tried it with my last one & apart from giving me chronic diorhea it didnt work & I still went over by 4 days.

    I felt so ill & weak after using it that I contacted the midwife in fear that I culd have harmed the baby & she assured me that it will def do no harm to the baby & even told me the proper way to use it.

    However I still wouldnt use it again coz apart from anything else if it had started labour I'd have felt too ill & weak to cope with it

    I take it youre fed up waiting too. I'm due on the 26th & it still feels a lifetime away

    Good luck

    Hilary x
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