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I went into work on Saturday and I had 6 different people say to me ''my god you are huge, how many weeks are you?'' When I said 23 weeks, a couple of them said ''my God, you are going to be massive, I dont know how you are going to go another 17 weeks!''

some of them although they work in the same office have never spoken to me before.

I just said to anyone who said anything ''do you know what? when you are pregnant, people think that they have the given right to pass comments on how big you are. If I wasnt pregnant and just fat, you wouldnt say a word'' and I then walked off.

It annoyed and upset me as although I am 18-20 normally, I am still wearing the same clothes (although they are a bit tighter) and havent put on an ounce yet.

I measured my fundal height (thinks thats what its called. Its the measurement from pubic bone to top of bump) and Im measuring about what I should be.

Im worried now that my baby is going to be massive so im going to get the MW to check everything next week. My baby weighs only around a pound so I think that I have a lot of water.

Why do people think though that its ok to make comments - grrrrrrrrr


  • hunny don't worry what other people say - as long as you're measuring fine and feel good don't let what people say get you down. i had someone say almost exactly the same thing to me on saturday - it was my hairdresser (who has never been pregnant) and she saw my bump and said 'no way are you gonna last another 7 weeks'. it's cos i'm quite short and was fairly slim pre-pregnancy that everything just sticks out more. people will say all sorts of things because they think they can just cos you're pregnant. and good on you for sticking up for yourself. i wouldnt have the guts to say that to people.
    good luck with the rest of your pregnancy!
    33+2 xxxxxxx
  • I so know what you mean!
    I had a woman at work, who I dont reeally know, say that she was the same size as me at 9 months and im 23 weeks!

    I wanted to say I take it she had forgotten how hurtful it is when your pregnant and people make comments about your size, but I didnt have the nerve!
    It has made me think everyone think im fat. im usually 12-14, so not what i would call over weight and i only seem to have a bump, not a fat arse or anything!

    I say we just close our ears to these people and listen to the midwives who actually know if all is well.
  • its unbelievable what people think they can say to you - I had it even from checkout people in sainsburys! at the end of the day, I was very big early on and then didn't grow hardly til 7 months. everyone's pregnancy is different so just ignore them!!
  • Hi hun

    Don;t you worry about those people, they are just rude. I got a bump at 11 weeks and everybody was saying stuff like that to me and it did upset me now I am 17+4 my bump is not that big and now I am getting for nearly 5 months pregnant your not big at all, do you think she id growing right.....

    I just could not believe it!1

    K xx
  • Its not fair that people can be so blunt is it!

    I've had random people asking when I'm due and some seem to think I'm big and others say I'm tiny! The tiny comments worry me more though :\(

    Don't worry K-Lou you won't truly be 5 months until 22/23 weeks and from all the photos I've seen you have a lovely bump!

    Bec 29+3 x
  • Thanks love, I was not even thinking about it till they said that and then i was like oh I hope she is growing ok.

    I have a bump though I seem to have just stopped growing for now which I thought would happen as I started to show early.

    K xx
  • I'm the opposite, I have NO bump at all and I am 7 months pregnant - 8 weeks to go 'til due date!

    When I tell people my due date they give me a very odd look.

    I'm only NOT worrying myself because I'm having regular growth scans and baby Angus is doing fine!

  • I have people comment on my size all the time as my bump is very small and I only really started to show from around 27 weeks or so. People always say how tiny I am but then ppl who knew me pre-pregnancy say its because I was so tiny before (WTF?? 5'6 size 10???) Anyway, I did have a friend from uni visit the other day and she was shocked that I was still working "with a massive bump"LOL. She then said her other friend was much bigger than me at my stage!?!? I assure ppl that baby's measurements are fine to date!


  • i get it all the time 1 cheeky cow said i also look preg in the back side and i called her a cheeky bicth lol i no ive gained weight in my arse but bloody ell but my bump is getting huge now im 29 weeks ppl r sooo rude and they atomaticly think they own your bump and have the right to touch it i h8 that and i tell them to get off lol aslong as the babys measurements r ok its got f all to do with any1 else tell them to piss off hun xxxx
  • I have a book at home that gives tips on hat to say when you get un wanted questions, i will bring it in tomorrow to let you know what it says, but the one that sicks in my mind is to say:
    "im actually taking part in some research about the insensitive things people say to you when your pregnant - thanks very much for your input"
    I think I need to start using this one!!
  • Love it, v funny. Will have to try. I hated being compared to my preg work mate (7 weeks behind me) Could hardly tell she was pregnant! I have had big bump for long time now, heard so many insensitive comments. People need to be more sensitive, yes I know I resemble a space hopper and I often look green from being sick but them reminding you of it really doesnt help!

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