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First time Mum & step mum

hello everyone, not sure if this is post baby hormones or not but really need to let this out! 

I had my DS 10 weeks ago after a difficult pregnancy (had pre existing diabetes), I am also step mum to a 9 y/o boy and a 6 y/o girl, we have them every other weekend and one night a week. I moved county to be with my OH and have no family support over here whatsoever and not really any good friends.

Recently it seems that my relationship with my OH has got so much worse, it is just me looking after our son all the time. When it is our weekend to have his kids they all go out places our new baby can’t come so it is just me and DS on our own again or OH will just spend all his time with the older kids and seems to forget about me and DS. This is making me really dread my step kids coming which I know is unfair, we do have a great relationship and they are really interested in their new little brother. My SD doesn’t leave me alone when I am looking after DS and sits literally a foot away from me messing with him when I am trying to feed and talking non stop. As nice as it is that she’s interested it is driving me mental and I have tried to ask her nicely to give her brother some space and have also spoken to OH about this but I don’t want her to feel pushed out so I don’t push it too far. 

On our non kid weekends OH will go out for drinks with his dad or do a project around the house for hours so it is basically the same as the weekends we do have the kids. Just me and my DS.

I only have my OH for support and I just feel so lonley as it is always me getting left out and looking after my DS on my own. I can’t help but feel how much easier it would be to just move back to where I’m from with all my family for support.

Please tell me this is going to get better.


  • It would seem that your current family situation is starting to take its toll on your emotions, and it's evident from your story that some order needs to be restored.

    I think you should talk to your OH so that you can present to him your concerns and together see how you can remedy the situation. I do hope all goes well.

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