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Posting on the forum via your phone: are you having any problems?

When you post on the forum, using your mobile phone, can you tell us if you're having any problems? Is there a wheel spinning repeatedly? Is your post not posting? Any other problems at all? 

Please do let us know, by posting on this thread if you are having any problems and what they might be - we'd be so grateful for your feedback. 


  • I often see the wheel spinning for ages when I’m posting but when I refresh the page it’s always posted? So not really an issue that’s bothered me xx

  • Hi, I have lost a few posts, spent ages writing and checking who has said what so I get everyone’s info right , and then my post  just seems to vanish :-(  Have never used forum from a computer only my phone 

  • Same as MilliesMummy 

  • Thanks everyone for letting us know. We're looking into it further. 
    If anyone else is having problems, please do let us know here - we'd really appreciate it. 

  • hi am just wondering if anyone can help me out my baby has got a purple mark at the back of his neck it looks like a burst blood vessell but i dont no?

  • Hi MrsFish, we just wanted to ask you a quick question about your post above. When you say your post has vanished, are we right in saying you hit the 'Post your reply' button, and the post just disappears? 

    jadeweno, we're sorry we've only just spotted your post. How is your baby doing now? And if you'd still like to ask your question, might we suggest you start a new thread about it? Just hit the pink Start a Thread button at the top of your screen. 

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