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Talkback: Just pregnant? Share the next 9 months with us – for freebies, prizes and £300 voucher!


  • I know baby is 5 months old now.
  • I’ve applied! Sounds like great fun! X

  • Ooh, we'll look out for your name, MrsR416!

    And we're so sorry, jennyofori and MrsE2106: wish we could open it up to everyone!

  • Can I still sign up if I'm in the Caribbean?
  • Hi TTC2018, thanks so much for replying, but we're afraid this project is currently only available to UK residents. Good luck with your pregnancy though, and we do have a lovely Due in September 2018 group if you fancy checking it out. 

  • Eekk just applied! I'm so busy researching silly products that this would totally give me something to do that mattered ;-) not that getting the right oil for my belly doesn't! 🤞
  • I have just applied! Found out on Saturday that after over 3 years of ttc #3 it's finally happened 😄
  • Hi Goldfishings87 and Jennik87 - congratulations to you both on your pregnancies! Thank you so much for taking the time to apply for the MadeForMums Bump Project, but we're afraid we have had an overwhelming response for volunteers, so we're not looking for anymore at this time. 

    We might recruit again and if that's the case, we'll deffo be posting about on the Forum, so please do keep an eye out. 

    And if you also fancied checking out our Due in October 2018 birth club, you can find it here. 

  • I've applied! But I've put my due date as the 7th when its actually the 6th. Hopefully that wont make too much of a difference :)
  • Don't worry Lorew, there's a bit of wiggle room. 

  • Just registered my interest...25... First time Mummy-to-be... Married in November... Bit of an unexpected miracle pregnancy... Also due to move into our new family home in September just as baby is due... Is going to be one hell of an adventure but I'm so ready for it!!!! Would be great to share with others!
  • Hi MMDesachy, huge congratulations on your pregnancy. Thanks so much for registering, for The Bump Project - we'll look out for you!

    In the meantime, if you do fancy meeting other women due the same time as you though, we have a lovely Due in September 2018 birth club, right this way. 

  • Ahhh I wish this had been posted 10 weeks ago I'd have loved to take part!
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