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OH Says I need to do more!!

So my other half works and I'm a stay at home mum with a 5yr old and a 8month old, I get up in the morning with the kids get my 5yo ready for school feed them both then get her there come home put washing in give my 8mo a Bottle he has a nap while i find 5 minutes to eat and do the pots from the morning rhen he wakes up we play he eats again while i tidy away then I do the pots while he plays again then quick Hoover and back to school for my 5yo come home cook tea while oh gets a bath drowns the floor and leaves his work clothes alover leaves his wet towel on the bed comes down sits on sofa i dish dinner up feed everyone while mine goes cold eat mine take everyone' plates in because he seems to be stuck to the settee while he plays abit with the baby do the pots get kids ready for bed and put them both down. Yet He's just made a sly remark saying " I need to do more" like "cleaning, looking after the baby" please tell me I'm not over reacting by being angry by his comment?


  • You are so not overreacting. I tell you something, it's only when my husband has to take care of our kids during an evening that he appreciates we're pretty much like slaves. And it's really not helpful, your hubby leaving a wet towel on the bed and stuff on the floor. 

    He wants to walk in your shoes for a day. I'm sorry he doesn't help you more honey, you must be shattered. 

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