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worried about having another miscarriage

Hi everyone, I'm looking for some advice and reassurance. I'm about 6wks pregnant after an early miscarriage in March.  This wkend has been very stressful as we had a loss in the family and the heat is also getting to me.  I'm now worrying that I'm going to loss this one too, everything twinge back pain etc I instantly think something bad xxx


  • Sorry to hear about your loss and congratulations on your pregnancy. I know how you feel as i had suffered a late miscarriage at 20 weeks in march with my secound pregnancy. I am now 5-6 weeks pregnant. I feel all over the place I want to feel excited but im so scared it will happen again. Ive been having a lot of pain as well which makes me worry too. Just try and stay positive, calm and relaxed. I try not to worry to keep myself calm. Got my fingers crossed our pregnancies to well. Xx 

  • I've had 2 previous mc's & am pg again. Only 5 weeks so absolutely terrified history will repeat itself. Apparently it's just "bad luck" but if it happens again it will be investigated so not sure how it can be bad luck but I'm keeping my fingers firmly crossed & feeling optimistic about this pregnancy. fingers crossed xx

  • Hi there, sorry for your losses. Just wondered if you had any updates? 

    I had a blighted ovum just over 1 year ago. I had bleeding on and off and we found out at the 12 week scan the sac measured only 8 weeks.

    I am 10+4 weeks pregnant again with our 12 week scan in 12 days. I have only had very mild symptoms, mainly sore boobs, itchy legs at night waking up early and peeing more often. These symptoms are few and far between now since I hit 10 weeks. I have been getting sore heads and eyes this past week on/off. I just feel normal this time round and don‘t really feel pregnant now. 

    can anyone share any experiences please? I’m so worried I’ve had another miscarriage. I’ve done pregnancy tests almost weeklyand they have continued to be strong positives.

  • Hello, I am very new to all of this! I had a missed miscarriage April 2016, we tried and tried for baby after that, lots of visits to doctors etc. Then to find out I wasn't ovulating for about a whole year!!! I was devastated as you can imagine, however 17/01 this month I got a positive test 😬 Which we were shocked but over the moon but Friday just gone I started bleeding so went to hospital they did a scan I am 6 weeks today but the sack looks as though there is nothing in it but nurse says that's how she expects to see it at this stage, so she says come back on 2 weeks and hopefully things will have rapidly grown 🤞But my anxiety levels are through the roof but I am still have pregnancy symptoms so that's gotta be a good thing right? I just need to to join this group to chat to you ladies as I'm going out of my mind. Hope to hear from you xxx

  • Hi Kerr16, 

    Congratulations on your positive test! 🙂 I know it’s easier said than done but try not to worry. The good thing is you have the pregnancy sac there and the nurse seems happy with the progress. You can have bleeding from time to time. Was it red or dark? Has it stopped? 

    I thought we had miscarried again and worried myself sick for most of the first trimester so was shocked that everything was fine when we had our 12 weeks scan. I’ve had very minimal symptoms and still do at over 14 weeks which is the polar opposite of a friend who is a little ahead of me in pregnancy. Every pregnancy is different. I know it’s hard not to compare with other people’s situation etc but that can sometimes only make you worry more. 

    Sending lots of positive thoughts your way Xx

  • Oh bless you, thank you so much! It was pinky colour, it's just such a horrible waiting game x

  • STOP doing that, please. For your child sake, you need to be more mature than this. Stress is such a huge factor in terms of MC's.Although MC is really common these days and almost 25% of the pregnancies result in MC.Literally, the best thing you can do about your baby right now is to take care of yourself and yourself only.There are a couple of things you can try and look more into. Firstly being you can massage your belly and lower abdomen area with warm olive oil or have it done to you, It will relax those muscles and decrease pain and stress on them. Secondly, Do not even think about taking an antidepressant, focus on your diet. Monitor your macros to see whether you are getting enough vitamins and minerals naturally because a pregnancy really dries the body up from inside. So your diet really needs to be in order for this. The last thing I would advise you is to start yoga but certain types of it. It really helps with everything. Taking some time of your day out to only focus on you will really have a healthy impact on your general mental health. Stop stressing, please. Take care of yourself.

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