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TTC first baby - getting a little obsessed!



  • hi firefly90

    welcome to the chat I’m on month 3 of trying, and I’ve set my mind this month that I’m going to be pregnant I’ve watched videos on YouTube who people had the same mindset of what I’ve got and they got pregnant Im going to be really positive and hopefully! 

    My ovulation tests are negative still but having ovulation pains🤔

  • Hia firefly! I know how you feel. 15 months for me almost I feel exactly the same about people around me. I feel so selfish but I'm so jealous. 

    Bexs301 do you have a pic ... I'm only asking as I'm trying to compare to see if mine is an evap or faint positive. 

     cherissebell I wish I could be as positive as you!! It' really good I'm so fed up xx

  • I haven't got a pic probably too faint for a pic dors it have colour on you second line 

  • I thought so but I'm not sure now spent so much time looking) image

  • I think I can see a line 

  • It' hard to photograph. I' just not sure if it' an evap x

  • When u  going to do another test 

  • Well thankfully 100 arrived I  the post today so I will keep doing them every morning.. I'm really hoping things become clear soon xxx

  • How late are you

  • I' not too sure as I'm a little all over. I didn'thave a period I'm January but tested throughout and I have only just started getting the faint lines since Sunday x

  • I'm in the same boat as U! AF is all over the place since I stopped BC in December.

    Had a heavy period from Jan 2nd to 4th and that's it since.

    I've also had tingling in breasts, increased CM and bouts of nausea but still BFN.

    I haven't tested for a week and have an app with the GP tomorrow for a smear test so going to have a few questions for the doc then!

  • Hi everyone id like to share my story and I hope it helps so many of you. 

    We started to TTC back in June 2017, at first I didn't stress too much and didn't take any ovulation tests but when it came to getting TOM I felt dishearted and this carried on until start of December where I obviously started to get worried that something maybe was wrong with one of us. I decided to go to boots and buy ovulation strips and more folic acid as my time of month varied from 30 to 35 days. You can Imgine how stressful it was being overdue as I always got a negative test. I was on the pill for 7.5 years and before this my cycle was 28days so 30 always seemed odd to me. I was never quite sure when I was ovulating so it felt like a  great reason to buy. The only problem was that these strips are so expensive never mind pregnancy tests. The first 2 months went by where I did not conceive. I felt very upset in Jan so I went on to Amazon and decided to buy bulk ovulation tests and pregnancy tests. This made me feel better as TTC didn't feel as stressful as it did before I took these tests. It meant we could DTD when we wanted and then on that specific day when you know you are ovulating. I honestly don't know how people have the energy for every couple of days. Anyway I really lucky concieved on 19th Jan 2018 and it doesn't feel real yet as I got the BFP on Sunday! I'm over the moon but it is still sinking in.

    My top tips to people are:

    - DTD only when you usually would at all other times of the month to avoid stress 

    - buy ovulation tests from Amazon so your purse isn't badly hit

    - DTD on first day you are ovulating and the day after (worked for me)

    - don't stress too much if you don't conceive at the end of the day a 33% chance on one day in the entire month is really low possibility to begin with

    - it's hard not to think about it but try not to and if you buy bulk pregnancy tests you can test early and on the day you are due and the week after with stressfully buying expensive tests from a shop.

    Ps I've yet to feel any symptons (maybe a tad tired), I used to look symptoms up all the time as I over thought. I'm 4 weeks going by how the professionals count it. I also done an early pregnancy test due to excitment, the week before I was due and it was negative. Took the second on the day i was due and shocking was pregnant.

    Good luck and best wishes to everyone it is a hard journey at times. Fingers crossed all goes well for me!

  • My last period was 23rd dec we doing a test today

  • Has any one missed a period and not been pregnant 

  • I’ve missed AF before (Skipped an entire month) and not been pregnant. You can miss a period for so many reasons like stress, over exercising, hormonal imbalance, SO many reasons that are perfectly normal. I’m currently 11 days late for my period and getting negative tests

  • That's the same as me I got a really faint postive test bit negative today

  • So I'm 2 days before Af is due and I couldn't hold out. Just took a first response test mad this happened. .. Only I had it facin rhe wrong way up for the first 10 seconds until I realised. Does anyone know if this could have given a false positive? image

  • Laurelli it looks very positive to me congratulations.. x

  • Jem213 that’s fab advice I’ve stocked up on ovulation test , pregnancy test , & vitamins today X

  • I took another one just there.... Ho Lee Shit! ! I don't know what to do with myself!image

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