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TTC first baby - getting a little obsessed!



  • Congratulations!!! I can feel the jealousy kick in 😂

  • Oh my word!!! What a lovely surprise opening the forum and your test popped up . Congratulations  I'm so jealous but soo happy for you xxx 

  • Thanks girls.  To be honest, I'm trying not to get excited until it's confirmed with the doctor. I'll probably not be able to get an appointment this week coz theyre so busy these days! 

  • OMG congrats laurelli. Really excited for you! keep us updated xx 

  • Glad to hear robinangel best of luck to you! 

    Laurelli it definitely looks positive to me so big congrats! 

    It hasn't sunk in with me fully yet don't think it will until tell people. I took a second test two days after i found out... mainly for the novelty and to help realisation sink in! Maybe when morning sickness sinks in it will feel real lol

  • Well its been confirmed with the doctor! And no doubt myself anyways. Can hardly sleep boobs are so sore.  Constipated one minute and the runs the next, and constantly hungry and feeling slightly sick the odd time! So scary hoping I'll get through the first trimester and get to tell people I know. 

    Fingers crossed for all of ye. It'll happen when ye least expect it! I'll keep an eye here.... You never know who's gonna be next 😊

  • Awhh congrats so happy for you!! i can test in just over a week! i know  it may sound weird & I know it's a bit early but I feel like by the end of this month I may have a positive pregnancy test!! I just feel weird haha!!👶🍼xxx 

  • I've everything crossed for you!

  • So I'm on CD 42 today and I took a cheapie test. And I finally got my BFP! I can't believe It!

    I had a smear test a week ago and they asked if I was pregnant. As it can be dangerous and I told them it's possible but I've been getting negatives all month. The nurse said it should be fine. I'm most likely not pregnant.

    What do I do now?

  • image

    Can't believe I found out so early!

    Such a long wait to 13 weeks. Let's hope this bean sticks!

    Baby dust to you all x

  • Congrats musty! Can I ask how early you tested before your AF 

  • I have irregular periods so I wouldn't know the exact amount of days. But going by what I know I would say it was in the 6 days before my period (8-13 dpo)

  • Think i‘m in the same boat as you, me and the hubby have been trying since October 2017 and every time AF comes it’s a disappointment :(

    But now i‘m 2 days late and have really sore breasts but negative pregnancy test so I feel like I’m going crazy x

  • Hi everyone lovley to hear all experiences. Have any of you been taking ovulation tests but all being negative?, ive had this problem for the past month & a half. I came off the depot injection (last shot end of july) ran out in October and have had one irregular period November (2 days ) december 28 days on for 3 days and January 32 days cycle on for 6 days, wondering if there's something I'm not doing or if this is a concern 😣.

    Thank you in advance  & good luck to all ❤

  • Depo Provera is one of the strongest form of contraception it's comes with a black label image.

    I was on it for a year and then had no periods for a year. Then after my first heavy 6 day long period I got pregnant.

    Docs said I haven't been ovulating as the depo was still in my system.

    That being said. My sister got pregnant 3 months after coming off. But she got some medication to kick start her ovulation again.

    Hope this helps 

  • I was on the depo injections for a year and had no periods during then and it took me a year and half to get back to normal cycles 😞 , I decided to come off it because of that reason.. maybe go and chat to your GP xx

  • Hi thank-you for taking your time to respond. I have been quite lucky to have a period In November, December and January and have been having ovulation symptoms ... but never had a positive :( think I am quite lucky to have started so quickly.

    I think it may be too soon to speak to the doctors!

  • Not to make you sound stupid but are you testing In your fertile days , how long are your monthly cycles x

  • Evening ladies 

    I‘m due on AF Thursday did a test this morning & it was negative image was so sure this would be the month, I thought being positive would help me out this month I mean I know I still possibly could be pregnant but doesnt look like it with a negative test just 3 days before AF, still taking my folic acid daily. 

    hows everyone else getting on!?

  • Hi everyone,

    I am late only 2 days which is totally normal for me because I am super irregular. This morning I decided to take a pregnancy test although I felt I was not pregnant... this time I havent been given it too much thought. This is the result I gotimage

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