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Raspberry tea?

Hiya everyone..
Hope u and bumps are well!

i was talking to my friend the other day and she said she started drinking raspberry tea at 38 weeks and she said just as she finished the box labour started.. does this really work? do u no anyone it has worked for? xxx


  • I drank it from about 36wks with dd and she was 5 days late. Theres mixed views on it I think. I'm going to use it again this time. I thought it was more to help with labour (and after) as it helps the muscles become stronger therefore helping with contractions, but not actually causing them x
  • Doesn't actually bring on labour - it it supposed to help the cervix soften in readiness etc.....can sometimes cause BH's as well, which obviously get ur uterus used to contracting.

    The tablets are stronger and obviously have no taste - I don't mind the to start 1 cup a day and build up to 4 cups a day. Not recommended before 32 weeks!!

    I 1st used the tea with my 3rd, my established labour was 3hrs and took 3 pushes to get him out. My established labour with my 4th was 15(ish) mins and again, 3 pushes and out he popped!! Am now waiting for this one to get into gear - preferably sooner rather than later LOL

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