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had scan and im having twins!!!

hi girls had my dating scan tooday!! i thought i was 9 weeks but from last period doc had said 11, which is why had scan now!! anyway i have been told i am 9+1 and i am expecting twins!!!
I am trying to put my pic up but having trouble!! i will take computer to friend tomorrow who is a wizz on these things! he he!
we are over the moon but also in shock!!! TWINS!!!


  • oh wow!! congratulations!! x
  • Congratulations hun! Welcome to our you know if they are id/non id? Mine have 2 seperate sacs and placenta's which are abbreviated to DC/DA in my notes,I believe id are MC/MA. You must still be in shock!!

    K 18+3 xx
  • wow, big congratulations!!! i would secretly love twins, so am highly jealous, lol xxx
  • hey they are sharing the same placenta, so the doc is 95% sure they are idenitical! i shall post a pic tomorrow when get soome help!!! i am useless!!
    We are in shock but very excited and pleased!!!
  • Congratulations, I'm having MC/DA identical twins. There are some lovely ladies on here having twins (and lovely ones that aren't too obviously!) so there is plenty of support around if you need it


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  • Aww wow congratulations!! xx
  • congratulations. xx
  • Thats fab news hun, congratulations!!! :\)

    Suzi xxx
  • Wow, its so exciting learning you are pregnant I can't imagine the feeling when you find out its twins!! (or more lol)

    Congratulations x
  • Wow Twins, so pleased all is well Congrats honey xx
  • Ah congratulations. fantastic news ! I secretly hop to have twins on second pregnancy as DH says we are only having 2 kids. I would just love to prove him wrongLOL.

    Am chuffed for you xx
  • Wow - thats fantastic news!
    I'm so pleased for you.
  • Blimey what a shock but hey a very nice shock, double trouble, congratulations.


  • love seeing these shocked first posts as it was just like mine! :lol: Congratulations! Another twin mummy yay! hehe. Mine are none identical and i'm having two girls.

  • wow! congrats, so your gunna have double trouble lol awwww you hoping for girls or boys? (twins run in our family but for some reason its skipped 2 generations!) been teased each time i've fallen pregnant! all the best

  • wow. lovely news, congratulations xxx
  • congrats, am jealous hope i do next time round. dd2 is only 5mons and am feeling broody already.
  • congratulations,i remember when i was told i was having twins,its such an amazing feeling,get plenty of rest cos you will need it :lol:

  • wow thats brilliant news, its always lovely to hear when people get their bfps etc but its great to hear when its twins, so cute! xx
  • thanks girls!! are almost oiver the shock now and so so pleased!! we havent stopped grinning since found out!!
    we arent going to find out what sexes they are although i must admit i am a little more tempted now there is 2 on the way!!
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