plz someone answer me x

This is my 2nd post, i had an early scan at 5 weeks 5 day and all that showed up was a sack, they said it was 2 early 2 see anything else, i had the scan repeated 4 days after, still 2 early so i have 2 go in a week time whick will make me 7 weeks. I am so scared incase nothing shows up. Can anyone plz tell me if this has happend 2 u and if so did u go on 2 have a healthy pregnancy? xox:\?


  • Hi Miss Pink

    I tried to reply to this earlier, but my internet crashed.

    Anyway, I had an early scan at 5+3 and all they could see was a sac. I was called back for another one at 7+5 and at that one they could see the heartbeat.

    i think 5+5 and 6+2 is too early to see anything other than a sac, so try not to worry too much.

    Why have you gone for an early scan anyway? mine was because I was having pains but no bleeding.

    hope you're ok. xxx
  • I had a bleed at 6 weeks and scanned at 7 weeks and all you could see was the flickering heartbeat and the sac.


  • Five weeks is way too early to see anything, most private scans won't even scan you till your 7 wks as there is more chance of seeing a heartbeat. I have had scans early with both of my pregnancys as I previously had 3 miscarriages and all you could see was a heartbeat and a yolk sac. With my miscarriages when they scanned me all they could see was a lining on my womb so the fact you,ve got a sac to me shows so far so good!!
    Try and be patient I know its hard but going before 7wks is only going to cause you more worry as they probably still won't see anything and you'll panic and everything could be perfectly ok. Take care xxxx
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