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Had miscarriage 7 months ago, but can't get over it

hi everyone,i had a miscarriage 7 months ago but I don’t understand why I’m not getting better,of course I’m going to think about something so traumatic but all the time? My partner didn’t want the baby and even tho he was supportive during the miscarriage he wasnt so supportive during the little time I was pregnant we argued every single day for 8 weeks until I lost the baby,I cant help but resent him a little for it sounds bad I know,anyway fast Forward to now for the past 6 months we have argued constantly as we don’t agree on when to have a baby, I wanted to try again straight away and I’ve been driving myself insane up until now and he wants to not put a time on it and it will happen when it happens If it ever happens,I can’t think of anything else hes taken me on a holiday and tried to do all he can to take my mind off things and it doesn’t work he says he could give me the world but nothing will amount to what I want he doesn’t understand that money and gifts aren’t the solution,I just don’t know what to do we arent in a good place due to wanting different things..


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