what does everyone think about eating them or not..?


  • I have been eating them although not too many No-one in our family is allergic so I don't see why i should stop.
  • Ive been having the odd Sniker every now and again not worried didnt have all these rules in the old days and you didnt hear much about allagies then (Spelling doh)
  • i was told that if either of the parents have hay fever then i should stay away and as the father has it then i kept away from them! but recently been craving ferrero rocher so i bought some intending to just have a few but ended up scoffing the whole box to myself! oops! i'm sure if you eat them in moderation perhaps it wont make a difference and i agree with woodssarah saying about not having all these rules in the olden days, so i'm just not goin over board with them

  • Hi i didn't eat any peanuts when pregnant as i have loads of allergys on my side of the family,i was pregnant over christmas & really craved them but wouldn't have any i have a friend who has the nut allergy & its horrible she really has to watch what she's eating & how stuff is cooked her boyfriend loves peanut butter & once forgot to clean his mouth kissed her & she had a reaction & went into anaflactic shock she carrys a injection pen with adrenaline round with her,I just thought its just not worth it if lo ended up getting it just because i couldn't stay off peanuts for 9 months i'd never forgive myself.i think ferrero rocher don;t have peanuts in them so they are ok to eat
  • Forrero rochers are ok to eat. I've been advoiding peanuts, I had childhood asthma and psoirosis (sorry can't spell) and oh has really bad hay fever so I haven't touched anything with them in as I don't wanna take any chances.x
  • I personally thought it was peanuts you should avoid rather than all nuts, as its peanuts which is the common allergy. I ahve been avoiding them as I do have a friend that has a peanut allergy and I don't want to take the risk for my childs sake. I do eat other nuts occasionally like chestnut, almonds etc. I hadn't even thought about it in food to be honest! I'm going to ask the midwife tomorrow when i go to my first appointment as I haven't heard about avoiding them if you have hayfever. I only get it very mildly but its interesting to know. I have been dcraving them along with wine when people have them on display!
  • Hi,

    I avoided them at the start, and then have been having them in moderation as neither myself or my oh have an allergy towards nuts/ peanuts. The most recent information actually tells you not to avoid them if you do not have an allergy towards them as you could actually increase the chance of your lo having an allergy.

    Have a look at the following article,,91168-1285008,00.html

    There were quite a few around when this information was first released in October.

    L xx
  • I have tried to avoid them as i have excema and would not want a little baby to go through what i go through when it starts up. x
  • I have mild eczema, very mild. Only had it for a few years and even then it's just a tiny bit on my inner arms when I get stressed. There aren't any other allergies for me or the father, not even hayfever, so I don't see why I shouldn't eat peanut butter every now and then! Like LizB, I have heard that no exposure to an allergen is more dangerous than a little exposure. I mean look at vaccines they have to contain a mild form of the flu virus for instance xxx

  • Hi,
    I read that if either parent has asthma or allegies you should avoid them. But i have to say , even though my OH has asthma, i tend to think that eating things in moderation might help build up resistance to things that might cause allegies in childhood. I can't remember anyone at my school having allegies like kids seem to today and this was before the advice we are given now. Although i'm obviously not eating potentially toxic things like pate and soft cheese etc, i'm not cutting out things like peanuts as i personally feel it could do more harm. Don't know if there is any medical evidence for this (they'd probably say i was mad!) but i think it makes sense to me!! x
  • I stopped eating peanuts when i found out i was preg, but my husband had a food hygiene course this week for work and she said all preg women should carry on eating them, and that since the advice not to eat them came about, children that are allergic to nuts has increased and this is why.
    She told my husband to tell me to eat nuts but i'm still not going too, its abit of a risk on one womens say so and to go against all the advice of midwives/doctors-plus i have asthma so i'm at an added risk!!!
  • I never did think that stopping eating peanuts would mean your child would be less likely to be allergic. It doesn't make sense to me. I will eat them image
  • Hi, I suffer from hayfever and for my first pregnancy and this one I have eaten peanut butter on toast quite a bit. I would also eat a snicker if I wanted one. I waited till my son was 12 months old and gave him his first piece of toast and peanut butter and he loves it.
    There are no peanut allergies in my family or my partners.
  • Well i've never been the type to sit and eat a bag of peanuts, but i've not avoided them, i love snickers bars and peanut kitkat bars so have had the odd treat! unless you've got history of lots of allergies i don't think theres a problem. personally i think theres too much hype these days about what to eat and drink or avoid in pregnancy. we're all alright aren't we? and i bet our mothers and grandmothers didn't fuss! X
  • i always thought that the advice to avoid peanuts was suspect so wasn't surprised at latest reports that nut allergies have actually increased since pregnant woman were advised to avoid them! The news story link that LizB posted says it all for me.

    I dont eat a lot of nuts but i certainly wont be avoiding them - it could increase likelihood of allergy!

    My mum is amazed by all the restrictions on food etc - 'none of that nonsense in her day'! Given all the risks pregnant women are supposed to face today it's amazing that the human race has survived this long...image
  • I avoided them at the start but i am now eating peanut butter on toast quite often. I think if no close relatives have food allergies then it's probably ok. What did people do years ago my mom often wonders. Having said that I know kids with nut allergies and it's pretty hard. So wouldn't like to advise anyone.
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