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Braxton hicks??

HI, I was just wondering if anyone else who has experienced really strong braxton hicks has felt as though they done a thousand sit ups afterwards. I am 35 weeks and 3 days and was recently awoken in the night with bad back and tummy pain that was coming and going, it didnt get any worse so I knew it wasnt labour, but it lasted for about 2 hrs, when i woke up in the morning i felt battered and bruised, Iv asked family and none of them seem to have experienced this, have any of you?
I know its nothing sinister as baby still kicking the hell out of me, " Bless her", hurts like mad but I love to feel her move.


  • I had very strong braxton hicks from 20 weeks. They would come and go all day and were getting quite uncomfortable. I would mention it to your midwife or if they get stronger get some advice from your local maternity unit. My lo arrived at 33 weeks and I thought my braxton hicks were just getting worse but I was in labour. Im not suggesting your lo is coming early, the hospital didnt think my braxton hicks were the cause of early labour.
  • Thanks, I have had braxton hicks 4 quite some time, just never sooo strong and they usually go quite quickly. I do think baby will be here b4 her due date as I am stupidly low. I suppose she will come when she is ready, whether early or late.
    Thanks 4 ur reply though.x.x
  • I have only just started getting them and even then I'm not sure that's it. They do make your bump feel very tender. They feel a bit more like bad cramps than anything else tho - is that right? xxxxx

  • i went thru exactly the same!! i know it hurts, but its just one of those brilliant things!! lol!! i wouldnt be worried if i were you, if anything, strong braxton hicks are supposed to be good as it prepares your body better. good luk hun.

    love gracie and bump 38 + 3 xx
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