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Getting back to normal after miscarriage

I had to have a emergency scan last monday but a knife was put though my heart my baby had no heartbeat i was booked for a d&c on the 7th but tuseday night i got rush in due to heavry bleeding and ended up miscarrying in the early hours, i was told i had a lot of blood and clots still remains so booked a scan on the 21th to makesure everything going the way it should but now work want me back on wednseday but i tured talking to me and telling them i don't feel like i will manage at work all i have done is cry a million tears but i am scared i will lost my job if i dont show up, please does anyone have advice on what i can do?


  • Hi Lollypop,

    I'm so sorry for your loss. I lost my baby at almost 11 weeks in December. Its an incredibly difficult thing to go through.

    I would book an appointment with your gp and explain that you are not physically or emotionally ready to go back to work. What kind of work do you do? I'm sorry they are not being more supportive. I was off work for about 3 and a half weeks in total- it would have been longer but like you I lost the baby before the date of my d&c.

    If you have no previous issues with sickness, I would be speaking to a professional body if they mentioned even disciplining you for sickness because of this, but a doctors note would maybe give you a bit more piece of mind?

    Take your time... there is no set 'time' you should feel normal again. It may be 1 month, it may be a year. There is lots of support here should you need it.

  • I have been to see the doc today, they have given me a sick note to and back dated it to the first day i started bleeding and givien me til the 19th off work, i take it to work today but i told them keep the 19th has a start back date but that could change.

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