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Freaking out after 1st scan!!!


i am driving myself nuts!!!

i had my first scan today and I've now convinced myself something is wrong with my baby. I'm 12w6days and the ultrasound tech was lovely but didn't leave me reassured. At first she commented that my baby was arching his/her back and was wiggling my belly to move him/her but then she started measuring the fold at the back of the neck. She then went on to say head was perfect 2 arms 2 legs ect but I just got the impression she was being a bit hush hush. After the scan she asked me and my partner to sit down as she was at the computer and began asking questions about if im epileptic on medications and have a family history of disabilities or birth defects i.e. the heart (which I don't) and then sent us on our way. Don't know if I'm being paranoid but really focus use some reassurance. I've added a pic of my scans and the more I look at them the more worried I get.


  • Lush clear scan pics!

    Did she mention anything about the size of the neck?(When I had my dating scan I was given a print of the sizes of the baby and the size of the neck was noted as average)

    Perhaps the questions she asked are protical at your hospital for your notes. I wasnt asked any of that at my 12 week scan by the lady but was asked by the midwife.

    I wouldn’t worry yourself honestly, I’m sure if there was an concerns she would of called a consultant in to speak with you. Perhaps bring it up with your midwife at your next appointment and ask for some clarrification?

  • They would tell you if something was wrong, they check the thickness of the back of the neck to check for Down syndrome so if you said yes to have that test done then she would have checked that, you get a letter in the post that tells you the chances of downs mine was like 1 in 4000 for example..if there was anything wrong with baby (life threatening) they would say right away but if you are worried it’s your baby and you have every right to go back and explain you are worried about the scan you just had and would like it explained to you, you are pregnant dont be worrying xx

  • This all sounds normal. These questions are asked to Everyone. At your 20 week scam you get checked for defects And if there is a family history they highlight this prior to the scan so they are Aware. 

    Anything they were concerned about on your scan wouldn’t be kept secret an obgyn doctor would be contacted to review it and to chat with you there and then.

    dont worry, enjoy pregnancy and be delighted how good your pictures are! X 

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