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sure sart maternity grant

who is eligable for this?
me and my partner both work we earn 18 k between us does any body know if we would get it or not?
thanks x


  • u get it if ur on income support,income based job seekers allowence if ur workin u dont get it as i never got it wen i had my 1st child as i was working
  • the only way to know for sure is to appy. download the form from

    its worth a try as you'll get ??500 grant. appy 12 weeks before baby is due or up to 3 months after baby's born.
  • well it looks like im not gettin that then i dnt get any benifits at all
  • Look into this further! If you get Child Tax Credit at the higher rate (which you probably will once baby is born) you will be able to claim it in the 3 months after baby is born. Do not assume you will not get it. I think you will get it just after the baby is born not before! I obviously cant promise but really think its worth finding out from CAB or somewhere like that.
  • il have to look into that but thanx 4 the advise x
  • we got it because we got ctc in the higer level - its well worth applying for, sometime they wont give you the full 500quid but will give about ??100 or something.

  • Hi, i wasn't entitled to it before my lo was born. But as soon as i got my child tax cedits i put in a claim and got it when my he was 3 months old
  • Hi, can i just check then that you need to apply for this after the baby is born? will the info come in this 'bounty pack' i keep hearing about?

    it's really handy to be able to ask people who have applied for these things themselves. thanks
  • If you are already getting any of the benefits mentioned (income support, child tax credits etc) then you can claim before baby but if not you claim tax credits straight away - from day baby is born and you can get the grant! I know the child benefit info is in the bounty pack but not sure bout the tax credits stuff. Can I give their phone number to you on the forum? let me know and I will put it on here for you x
  • I have a number for the child tax credits thingy off the inland revenue website thanks, but this was first time i'd heard about the Sure Start Grant so just wanted to check a few things.
    you've been very helpful though thanks very much.
    this site is such a good idea, ive had loads of helpful tips off people.
    x x
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