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FAO hayles08

(last time i did an FAO for someone else it got ignored but anyhoo)


i'm in birkenhead so not that far from you. yup i',m having baby in arrow park hospital,

when are you due? i'm due 25th march so not long to go image

beccie x :\)


  • ooo i just did an fao for her too lol didn't see this! x
  • *bump*

    [Modified by: sleepybeccie on January 19, 2009 09:58 PM]

  • I feel so popular lol. I'm only 8 + 1 So due end of Aug, begining Sept. Got my first scan on 10th Feb feeling a mixture of nerves and excitement. Is this your first baby. Phoned Antenatal ward today and they sounded really dozy lol hope she wasn't a midwife ha. She told me i had been booked in in Wallasey hospital then said take no notice of the letter i have sent you about wallasey ????
  • thats odd that they booked you in for wallasey. i thought they only did it in arrow on the wirral.

    yeah this is my first baby (and a bit of miricle baby) and cant wait. so excited image

    are you on facebook?

  • yep on facebook under hayley cormack. Don't write anything about it on my wall though cos haven't told any friends yet xxx
  • there was 4 hayles on there so i've sent a message to the one with liverpool as a network. mine is beccie foulkes and my pic is me wearing a daft hat

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