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think ive got my dates wrong. help

ooops. ive always gone off the date that my period ended which im sure was 27th july 07 but im a thick bint and have just entered my dates to get a pregnancy calender. and it says "ENTER 1ST DAY OF LAST PERIOD" omg now im so confused because im sure my period ended on the 27th, which means it started on the 23rd making me 38w not 37w. i think im right and if i am im a week ahead but im not certain cos it was so long ago.

do i need to do anything girls ? like tell midwife of my concerns or just i just go with the flow and wait for baby to just come.

was due may 2nd now think its april 28th



  • were ur periods 28 day cycles?? cos thats the only way the date is right with going on ur last period. my due date would have been 23rd aug going on it, but my real due date going on 12 week dating scan is 31st aug. my periods were more 33 days or up to 40 days than 28. i would go on what ur dating scan said. there is only a week in it and the date they give u is just an estimate anyway so baby could come for u really anytime now! i'd just let it happen! xx
  • yes 28 day cycle and a 5 day bleed my dating scan said may 2nd.. phew i spose its only a few days xx thanks xx
  • i have also been given 29th aug i have 20 week scan 2day so i'll see what they say 2day!!
  • I think they go off ur dating scan, from my period I was due on 30th June then at 12 wks it changed to 2nd July, only 2days in it but its that date that they use and not my period date. K xxx
  • my dates changed by 2 weeks on my dating scan.
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