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Dreaded 2 week wait

Same sex couple here. 11 more days until my wife and I find out if we're pregnant. My wife is carrying and I feel like I'm going crazier than she is. We had a positive opk 3/28 and IUI 3/29. Every little thing that she feels I immediately go to the internet and start googling. I dont think I can make it 11 more days lol


  • I’m currently on the dreaded two week wait too.

    Have you had your test yet? How is it all going for you?

    L x

  • We could not wait any longer and she tested 9DPO and got a BFP! We kept testing and stopped two days before the blood work and it was confirmed. Her levels were at 67 (this was on a Thursday). We returned on Monday for the second test and her levels only went up to 68. We were freaking out having to wait until thurs to test again. Unfortunately the third blood test showed her levels stayed at 68 and the pregnancy was deemed not viable which resulted in a miscarriage. We had more blood work today to make sure her levels are decreasing and an ultrasound to make sure its all ok in there. Once this is all over we will try again. The good news is she did get pregnant on the first try. BEST OF LUCK TO YOU!!! Keep me posted!

  • I tested yesterday 5DPT and got BFN!

    I have bloods Friday so still trying to keep positive! I felt so silly once I’d tested but I couldn’t help it, it drives you crazy.

    So sorry that your wife’s levels didn’t increase but 100% positive that she got pregnant first time! 

    Good luck for the future and please keep me posted! 


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