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find out friday,boy/girl??? daisy predicted girl

:\)image:\?;\)cant wait, paying ??100 to go private and have dvd (2d) i dont like 4d lol so will hopefully know what im having friday!!!!! daisy predicted boy and everything else, inc old wives tales and my prediction chart says girl,and one on here, hope daisy is right lol fingers crossed, but i will be happy with a healthy baby boy or girl xx:\)


  • Carly can u send me ur scan again please, love looking at other peoples scan... please let me know what ur having.. Did u try the bounty web site prediction?..
  • You're so lucky to find out what you are having. I've got to wait until 18 December for my 20 week scan. I'm just hoping that baby doesn't decide to have his/her legs crossed so that we can't see! Hope everything goes ok on Friday and let us know what you are having. Take Care
  • That will be really nice to have the scan done in 2d and get a dvd aswell. At least your daughter will be able to see baby then and she can wacth it over and over again- I think they record the sound in the room also so what ever you say during the time of the scan gets recoreded onto the dvd aswell- a freind of mine had one done and she was chatting all the way through she didnt know that it was all recorded on to the dvd aswell, let us know what your having and how it goes bet you cant wait!!
  • Just to say, the charts are very interesting but ive been predited a boy on one and a girl on a different one- so I dont think there are that accurate-
    I know its only a bit of fun and every one likes to have a go on them.... I will have to wait till baby arrives little while yet though!!! and see as I wont be finding out what im having at my scan- im going to wait... let us know carli what your having- are you hoping its a boy then you have one of each? Shay
  • I'm so exited for you! Let us know what you are having wont you (if the monkey lets you look!) xx
  • hey firstbaby!! thats simelar to my scan pic, my baby looked right at me too!! lol (sorry everyone, daisy predicted boy not girl)thanks claire p yeah, i have hosp scan on 21st december, hope they confirm what fridays scan tells us lol thanks for that info shay, ill try sound really cool now lol joke lol i will be sure to put a post up, fingers crossed for me please, for a boy lol although ill be happy with another girl,as my daughter is so perfect, thanks everyone,tk care xx
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