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How soon to start TTC again?! advice needed please

I'm having my failed pregnancy removed by suction at the hospital in 2 days. The dr said id be very fertile afterwards but to wait a month before TTC again. Is this true? Im desperate to get pregnant again and really dontd want to wait but I'm scared I might miscarry if i don't wait a month.

Please tell me your advice or experiences


  • Hiya,

    So sorry to hear this, I found out I had a missed miscarriage and am currently going through medical management for it.

    I too was wondering about TTC afterwards, ive been told the same as you to wait for 1 period before trying again but is this really necessary... who knows?

    what have you decided on? Are you waiting for that 1st period or just straigh to TTC? X

  • I decided I couldn't bare to wait so i started TTC straight away. Although I haven't allowed myself to get obsessed over it this time. I've got a week and a half to wait now before I can test so fingers crossed for me! Hope you get your rainbow baby soon.

    Also the national miscarriage association website it says not to worry about waiting a month if you feel ready to TTC again.

    Good luck! Let me know what you decide! 

  • Hi I had a miscarriage at 11 weeks in July 2008 and I was told to wait also I think this is just protocol for them to tell you to wait and also if you have a period it's easier to date future pregnancies.. I however didn't wait and fell pregnant immediately and had a healthy little girl in May 2009. When I miscarried again in 2015 I waited before trying again so it was easier to date. So I don't think there is any harm in trying immediately from my experience . X

  • Hiya,

    So sorry to hear about your sad news. As Beki says I think it also has a lot to do with dating pregnancies should you fall pregnant straight away. I had a miscarriage early December 2016 and after i fell pregnant before my period could come along and now am mummy to twin boys :) 


  • @sezzy19 ive decided to join you and try again straight away (if this miscarriage ever stops... im currently on day 11 of bleeding image ) 

    Good luck to you! 

  • I didn't get pregnant this month sadly but we didnt try that hard. I'm really hoping for next month. Good luck all of you 

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