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Nervously coming back to join you...

Hi everyone. You might remember I had an mmc in July; well I just got my BFP again :\)
Incredibly nervous but happy about it - was very excited yesterday but its waned a bit today and now I just want my scan to know everything is ok!! I have no idea on my dates as haven't had af since my erpc op, so hoping they will scan me early to check my dates as I have no idea. Wasn't opk'ing or anything.

I'll be due either April or May but again wont know until my scan! So will linger here instead of a due in forum. Will be ringing the doc on tuesday morning to discuss what happens next. Got the nervous shakes at the minute! Think a cup of tea is in order - caffeine free of course! image



  • Hi hun, just replied on you DIJ post. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you this time! Hoping you get an early scan!
  • imageimageimage Congrats (just posted in ttc lol i was stalking a few people and saw your post yesterday)

    Hope this is sticky and healthy x

    gembags xx
  • Really good to see you back again hun! x
  • Congratulations honey! xx
  • Thank you everyone! Getting more excited now though still nervous. Trying not to be too excited as I know its still early days but am determined to enjoy being pregnant.

    Fingers are crossed very tightly here as well! image
  • Congratulations Garfield! I remember you from TTC. I'm really sorry about your mmc and really hope this is a very sticky bean. I'm in DIA so maybe see you in there soon, depending on your dates! xxx
  • Massive congrats hun! xxx
  • Congrats

    I had a mc July 1st and iam now pregnant again but unsure of my dates as I had no af in between but think I know when ov so i am around 6 and half weeks but will no for sure when and scan.

    Might see you over in DIA if not a lovely May baby for you.

    Have a healthy 9 months

    Gem x
  • garfield! im stuck between april and may too so we can both just linger together image
  • Great to see you back. Congratulations! Hope it is a super sticky one for you this time xx
  • Great to see you back. Congratulations! Hope it is a super sticky one for you this time xx
  • Yay!! Sorry if this sounds totally horrible but I'm glad I'm not the only one lingering between months!! Maybe we should start a Due In April/May group just for us few!! :lol:

    Ringing docs in morning - just hope I dont get the dragon receptionist otherwise I might end up yelling at her!! Do you know when your scan is Gem? Just wondering how quickly they're getting you in for it - I'm desparate to know everything is ok!!
  • Congrats hun - its natural to feel nervous x are you requesting an early scan? I know you had an MMC at 12wks, did they say when it happened, i know i felt better having a scan after that date with mine xx
  • I did ask for early scan but she said unless I have pain and or bleeding then I will not get early scan image. I was thinking of paying for early one as my 12week one is the 6th oct and that seems soo long away but I know it will soon come round but would be nice to see beanie earlier.

    I just want to know exactly how far I am but I do I am at least 6 and a bit nearly 7 weeks and looking forward to spring baby as my dd was born in the winter.

    Gem x

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  • Well i've worked out that I'm anywhere between 4 and 7 weeks! And we lost Button after that, so even if they do offer me an early scan and it shows I'm (eg) 5 weeks it still wont put my mind at rest really, but will be good to know things are on track for the moment. If they wont I will pay for an early scan but again without knowing how far gone I am its hard to make it coincide with when we lost Button. Frustrating!

    My midwife is fantastic though so hopefully she will push for one... Ringing them in a minute! :\)
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