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migraines with numbness&pins n needles

anyone else get this? any experts know why im getting this? and why its so bad? and maybe any ideas to prevent it or ease the pain?? thankyou.


  • Where are you getting the pins and needles?xx
  • lips,face,and my arm,different arm each time! its horrible,feels huge aswell!!
  • I have pins and needles and numbness in my arms and hands and this was caused by carpal tunnel syndrome, but I'm not sure what woudl cause it in your face and lips, maybe worth giving the midwife a call, she will probably be able to give some suggestions on how to ease it as well.
  • yeah, i do get carpel tunnel anyway i think (self diagnosis ages ago) but this is different.i read on a web site that if you got headaches with this to speak to your midwife,but i was taken to hospital last week and they said nothing about it so i thought it wasnt important, i will speak to midwife when i see her in 2 weeks i think for the general run down!!! ill have a list by then lol
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