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im 33 weeks pregnant and have been up all nite with diaorreah!! shortly after i developed piles!! has anyone else been like this??? im in so much apin with it and have been advised by the doctor to just by some cream!! please help guys x


  • oh god love you.i got piles after my daughter was born and its not pleasant,god help partner he had to put on the cream,not the nicest of jobs but shows he loves me,just cream and a big rubber ring dont know of anything else to help you sorry,hope they go away soon.X
  • i've got them too! have not gone to GP yet, but read that you should wash and dry the area after every trip to the loo, not v easy at work!! wear cotton underwear and eat roughage so as not to get constipation and make it worse. i guess the cream will help too. good luck xclaire
  • doing your pelvic floor exercises helps too, try to drink lots of fluids through the day to keeps your poos soft!
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