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Moderate to heavy bleeding 6 weeks pregnant

can anyone ease my mind I’ve been bleeding since 9am this morning. Started light brown then pink now dark red no clots but thick and slimey (sorry tmi) I’ve been to doctors they can’t get me a scan till Friday, enough to fill a bit less than half a sanitary towel, mild cramps. Also to mention me and my other half had sex the night before. I’m so scared I don’t know what’s going on this is my first baby 😔😔😔


  • Hi Bbolt,

    Hope you are doing ok. Good that you phoned and arranged a scan. I had some bleeding when i was pregnant. It happened 3 times and the first time was the heaviest. I was around 4-5 weeks (as soon as i found out I'm pregnant) and was quite heavy. Lasted 4 days appr. I got extra scans but never found a reason for the bleeding. My son is now 1y.

    Hope it goes well on Friday. 

    Navi xx

  • Thank you for your reply. I went for a private scan this morning and they couldn’t see anything 😞 whether I’m just too early or I’ve miscarried they don’t know for sure. Hospital rang and moved my apt to tomorrow morning and said they might have to do internal scan so fingers crossed they find something. Still bleeding and it’s gotten heavier and strong pains like a period so I’m not feeling hopeful. Glad to hear you had a happy ending, fingers crossed I do too :( xxx

  • Hi there, 

    Depending on how many weeks you are it might be too early to see something. Hopefully with the internal tommorrow they can evaluate better.

    Keep strong for tommorrow and let me know. I'll have everything crossed for you.

    Navi xx

  • They reckon about 4-5 weeks so it is very early doors. Thank you I’ll be sure to let you know my outcome. Apt’s at 9am so not long to wait 😖 xx

  • How did your scan go Bbolt xxx

  • It was a miscarriage. Did external and internal scan and they saw nothing and a pregnacy test came back negative. I’m absolutely broken 😔

  • Ohhh no...

    I'm so sorry..

    Did they tell you when you can try again?? Please try to relax as much as you can and give time to yourself to recover.

    Thinking of you xx

  • Thank you. Don’t really know how to feel literally had a few days to get my head around becoming a mum then to have it all taken away in a day is devasting 😖 no they didnt really say anything apart from to not have intercourse for 2 weeks. Think I’ll have a few months to feel mentally ready as this has really hurt. Scared it’ll happen again now. Thanks for your kind words xxx

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