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Preterm Labour worries

Hi all, 

Im 28 weeks pregnant and the past two days I've been in so much pain! I've had a constant lower back ache and period cramps (no regular pattern). my midwife put me into the hospital last night and my cervix was checked, it was very tight and nothing happening. No contractions shown on the monitor over 20mins and then I was sent home. I had high blood pressure, high pulse and keystones in my urine. They gave me dihydrocodeine and paracetomol and told me to rest and go straight back if it gets worse! i could barely walk last night and I'm still really sore! The menstrual cramping is coming and going but they definitely arent regular. 

Can anyone please help out here because I haven't been told anything and I've been left not knowing what is going on! It's driving me crazy...they don't know what's wrong! :'( 



  • Have you ever experienced braxton hicks contractions? Did they mention them at all? I had them a lot with my son and were very uncomfortable it’s a little like a menstrual cramp but your bump will go very hard for a moment on and off whenever they fancy! It’s enough to make you stop everything you are doing:/ totally harmless and your uterine muscles preparing for birth!

    Just a thought :)

    I had high bp with first pregnancy so was kept in a few times but didn’t effect me/baby too much :) think I was a little too active!!

    High pulse will be anxiety if you are stressing !

    I hope things settle down for you, try to rest and relax try yoga/deep breathing to lower bp/pulse rate and it might stretch out tighter muscles which might not be helping your cramping.

    Certainly get yourself back if things are very bad don’t suffer in silence midwives are there to help you 😊

  • i just know they aren't  Braxton hicks because i had them in my last pregnancy. It isn't going away at all, it does peak at times but the menstrual cramping and back ache is just constant! Its so frustrating when you don't know whats going on :'( thank you so much for your reply and advice Hun xxxx

  • What about urine infection I’m guessing they’ve checked all that? I had that when pg a few times left my lower back in agony as went to my kidneys can cause cramping aswell . Other than that I’m not sure 🤔 if it’s uncomfortable don’t let it drop keep pestering until you get an answer xxx

  • Yes! That's exactly what the back pain feels like because I had a bad bladder infection last year and my lower back was all cramped. But they said it definitely isn't a urine infection. They took blood tests last night and the midwife said she would phone me with the results tomorrow. Xx

  • Fingers crossed you get an answer 🤞

  • update****still no answers :( 

    still having the back pains and menstrual cramping. Blood tests showed an infection & very anaemic. Went to midwife this morning to get blood tests redone - she found protein in my urine and my fundemental height is measuring 3 weeks ahead. She didn't seem concerned with anything... at my wits end with this pain and no one is doing anything! Last week she thought I was leaking amniotic fluid but today she said she couldn't see any and she just sent a swab away. Has anyone had swab tests come back which gave them answers?? 


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