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What do baby movements feel like?

This may seem a silly question but how high/low in ur belly do u feel your baby move (at 16 weeks)? I felt something really weird a bit like a butterfly feelin but also slightly painful (not in a bad way just a twinge) just above my belly button but wouldn't that be too high? x x x x


  • Hi, i first felt my baby move at about13 weeks and i know everyone says you cant but i did and it felt like wind bubbling up but there is no mistaking it that it was baby movements. I dont know wither you should feel it above your belly button or not but i think you just know when your baby moves for the first time.
    Diane and Ellie. x
  • I felt mine at 16 weeks and it was in my lower right side. It could have been mistaken for wind bubbling around but i knew it was the baby. I dont think the baby will be as high as your belly button but you never know because every pregnancy is different.
  • Hmmm it didn't really feel like wind, I think I must have been imagining it! I had an appointment today and heard lo's heart so lo is alive and well but clearly doesn't want to make her presence felt just yet! Thanks girls x x x x
  • I'm having my third and I felt the movements very early on-little flutterings at about 14 weeks. I am now 31 weeks and my baby is very active compared to my other two. Sometimes when my baby moves around it is at my belly button that I feel it.

    I think with ur first ur so unsure of what to expect that it takes a proper kick for you to be 100% convinced and thats why most people say its around 18-20 weeks. I do believe the wee light flutterings are felt much earlier but most people doubt themselves or put it down to something else.

  • i dont think it sounds like the pain above ur belly button is the baby moving, but you can feel the baby that early. feels like a bubbling or fluttering sensation, you'll know when you feel him or her image xx
  • i remember the first movement- i was 18 weeks gone and had a really bad fall at work and had to go to hospital, i was so worried cos i was in so much pain but got to hosp hear lo heart beat and everything was fine. got home and talking to oh saying how worried i was cos i thought id hurt lo and i stopped talking cos i felt this weird bubble/flutter moving on my right side it was so weird. then 10mins later happened again and from that day i felt the same sort of movements. the first time oh and i felt baby kick from the outside was at 20 weeks and that was amazing. good luck to you all xxx
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