BFP at 7DPO?


ok ladies so a little back history. I sadly gave birth to a little boy in February who was born sleeping at 16 weeks. We decided 2 weeks ago we would like to try again and I bought some ovulation tests. My last AF started on the 29th May, and I for a positive OPK a week ago exactly. I started feeling some symptoms yesterday with hot flushes in the morning and I’ve broken out in spots. After nearly bursting into tears this morning for no reason I decided to buy a first response. And the photo above was the outcome. It’s super early and I don’t even think it’s that much of a squintier, although you do need to look closely lol.  The line appeared within the 3 minute time frame. I’m quite obviously sh*tting myself. Do you think this could be wrong? The earliest I’ve ever had a line before was 8dpo. For the record my cycle length is only 26 days so I’m due AF 24th which is Sunday. I’m thinking I must be the first March baby on here if this is I going crazy or can you all see a line? 



  • I'm so sorry for your loss. 

    you know normally, i'd say 'are you mad testing at 7dpo?' but hon, that line is clear to see! Could this be your 🌈baby? I reckon so!!! Congratulations honey x

  • I’m in shock, it’s such a clear line isn’t. I know exactly when I ovulated too so I know my dates are spot on. Thank you firs your kind words, just praying it’s healthy. My symptoms are so strong though. I even feel a bit sick tonight. I just Knew which is why I tested so early. Thank you so so much for confirking I’m not going crazy and there is in actual fact a line 🙈

  • ps sorry for the typos I’m shaking lol 

  • Oh bless you, you're so excited. I have everything crossed for you. Are you gonna test again tomorrow morn? 

    ps the line really is there! have you told your fella yet? 

  • There’s no mistaking that line!!! Congrats love!!! 

  • you can definitely see a pink line , congrats xx

  • Thanks ladies I’ve just been back to the shop to stock up on tests as I think I will be over testing the next few days. hubby isn’t home for another hour yet...hence why I needed to spill somewhere lol. I really appreciate all your lovely replies. I’m in absolut shock x

  • Defo a line - congratulation!! Sorry to hear about your baby boy. Wishing you lots of luck xx

  • Our bodies are truly amazing and you have been given your rainbow 🌈 bean , its still very early so take it easy and contact your doctor / midwife and let them know your exciting news xx

  • Thank you all so very much. I’m planning on waiting a Couple of weeks then will call to get booked in and have an early scan. I’ve never been so excite, happy and absolutely petrified all at the same time. I hope some of you get to join me in the March 2019 forum x

  • With a line that strong at 7dpo I’d be wondering if there’s twins in there! 

  • Caleblake how did your hubby take your baby news , I agree with sw2 could possibly be double trouble with a result that strong xx

  • He was delighted and a bit in shock lol. he for sure thinks he has super sperm lol. I don’t know how we would financially cope with 2 more. We are pushing it at 3 so as much as twins are a blessing and if it is then we will find some way to cope, I would definitely only prefer a singleton lol. I will get some early scan because of my history. I’ve had a chemical, ectopic and early mc before as well as giving birth to Aspen At 16 weeks So they will take very good care of me. I just want to make it to the first scan and see a heartbeat 💗🤞🏻 I also have 2 very healthy boys who’s are 7 & 8. 

  • Keep us posted!

  • imagesorry to jump on your post and congratulations. Please can someone help done these test over last couple days did the 2nd one this morning I’m sure there is a faint lines and it showed straight away . I’m not sure if I’m seeing things tho please help 

  • I would recommend testing with a pink due test like first response... they are more reliable.

  • image Yeah I did with a first response it was the first one I did but still not sure i know it’s early testing I’m not due af till Sunday but suppose you just know get that feeling I had a miscarriage in January so been ttc since april . Thank you for your reply 

  • I think you’re just testing a little bit too early... I know those tests are supposed to be able to tell you 5 days before tor period is due but a lot of people don’t get a bfp that early (I think the first response website says only 76% of pregnant women will get their bro that early). Try again in a couple of days. Good luck!!

  • I think I see a very light line but I'm not sure if there is colour too it, how many DPO are you? I know I got this at 7dpo, but before the earliest was a squinter at 8dpo and it was actually usually 10/11dpo when I was getting lines in previous pregnancies. Let me know how you get on tomorrow x

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