Miscarriage 4 weeks ago, am I pregnant again?

hello I had a mmc in April and had a D&C on 9th May. 2 weeks after I tested to check my hormone levels were back to normal And I got a negative test. Lately I have felt pregnant again, so 4 days ago I took a digital Clearblue test which came back negative. Strange symptoms have persisted so took another test today and it came back pregnant with 3+ weeks! How is this possible? am I actually pregnant or is there something wrong? Has anyone else had anything like this and if so what was your outcome xx



  • Hello

    Sorry to hear about your miscarriage. I feel your pain.

    You are extemely fertile after a miscarriage so you probably are pregnant again. I would take another test in a few days but in the mean time ring your gp to book an appointment.

    Good luck

  • Hello, thank you so much for your reply! I am sorry to hear that you are also going theough a miscarriage :( I never realised how common they were until I had one!  

    I did another test this morning (Clearblue Once again) and it came back not pregnant! I have no idea what my body is up to! I have the GP giving me a call today, so fingers crossed! Xx

  • Not to get your hopes up but its more common to get a false negative than a false positive.

    They are very common, they aren't nice one bit. I have had 2 in total one late 2009 and one early 2010. But in 2013 I had my little girl after being prescribed a low dose asprin.

    I hope you get the answers you need asap, I know its so heartbreaking waiting around not knowing. x

  • Oh wow how devasting for you! I’m glad you have your little girl 💗

    once Again thank you for your reply, it meant alot, I kept going in about it to my husband but I’m sure I’m boring him 😂😂 xx

  • She really is the sunshine of my life. It just makes you realise that everything does happen for a reason.

    I totally get that men aren't all useless but when it comes to things like this they aren't like support of other women image xx

  • So the doctor called and said to wait a week and test again, then they will think about sending me for a blood test! She thinks it is highly unlikely that I conceived that soon after my MMC.

    Here I go for the grueling waiting game! x

  • Ahhh bless, I hope the next week flies by. Please let me know.. I'll keep everything crossed for you xx

  • Thank you xxx

  • Hiya i miscarried may 5th last year and found put i was pregnant again on june 3rd i now have a healthy 20weeks old. I wouldn't recommend the clear blue tests i had that problem stick to the cheapy ones they seem to be more accurate especially if you are so early on in pregnancy which you would be. 

    Good luck x

  • Thank you, I have brought a cheapy one which I hope I can be patient and so it next week!!! 

    wow you fell pregnant quick! How amazing xx

  • Hi I’m in the same boat, I had a miscarriage 20th may at only 3-4 weeks pregnant so very early, doctors told to test a week later to check all hormones were gone which I did and it came back all negativ. So after 5 days of just bleeding once it all stopped we started trying again as we was told we could do, I tested yesterday afternoon with clear blue and came back very very faint line and the digital was ”not pregnant“ and Done another cheap tesco test and that cane back with very very  faint line.

    could I be pregnant already? I don’t want to get excited just yet.

  • I no i couldn't believe how quick i fell pregnant. The pregnancy was very early on when i misscarried. By the time i was booked in for a scan to make sure they was nothing left behind i was already ovulating (was seen on the scan) fingers crossed for u ladies it is possible. 

  • well fingers crossed that you are my lovely!! Tests are so confusing, I have actually had 2 false positives in the past! So I’m worried I’ve had a false positive again. Xx

  • Oh wow! There’s hope then! thank you for sharing your experience! I’ll just to be patient and wait to test now. If I’m not pregnant though I wonder how long until my first period?! 🤔

  • Yeah I’m just so confused as to when my first period will come so just have to wait for it to come if it turns out I’m not pregnant 🤷🏽‍♀️

  • Was wondering if you ladies re-tested? X

  • Hello, yes I retested and unfortunately I was negative! xx

  • Hi yes I re tested couple days later and got a darker positive test. 


  • Congratulations!!!! I really hope it all goes well for you xx received my period today, so will try again next month xx all the best xx

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