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Maternity Bras: any recommendations and when did you start wearing one?

Hi all

I’m only five weeks but my boobs have already grown a cup size and are sore in the day but which is manageable. They’re even more at night when sleeping as braless and aching which is much less comfortable. 

Any suggestions on when to start wearing a maternity bra at night and which are good value and good support?

I’m a 32 E now (DD before pregnant) so I’m not big in myself but my boobs are going to be huge soon 🙈


  • i think you should start wearing a bra at night time now! If you need it hon, give in and get one, and be prepared for your boobs to grow and grow (and for your nipples to change colour which was so shocking to me - mine went almost black!) 

    As you'll be getting through quite a few bras, i always went for some basic Mothercare, no wire, super ugly soft cups - they're not called super ugly, they just were 😂😂😂

    I'd get two new bras now, and then hold off for another increase in size. 

  • I went from a 32DD to a 32F in the first 13 weeks. Initially they were quite tender but they did stop growing and become less sore by about 14/15 weeks. I’m now 35 weeks and have just got all my nursing bras in a size 34F. I went up a back size but breast size has stayed pretty much the same. Thankfully nursing bras seem to allow breast to get bigger and then smaller as milk comes in and after feeds. I got 3 maternity bras and had a couple of support crop tops for sleeping in. Now I don’t sleep with any bra but once baby is here and milk comes in I imagine I will revert back to the crop tops for sleeping in. 

  • Im 15+2 and just gave in and ordered some from m+s. I love my undereired bras but they are so uncomfortable now ive gave in lol. X

  • I went up a cup size and back size by about 20 weeks and now 34 weeks, going to measure again in a week or so and get a few more just in case I'm bigger than I was then! 

    I was 32B before and 34C now so I'm not really the biggest up top ha! But really sore up until I was about 14 weeks, I'd recommend sleeping on a pillow if you can, never too early to buy a maternity pillow ;-). It got better though and I don't sleep in a bra anymore, prefer the freedom lol. 

    I went with M&S nursing and maternity bras pack, just bought two to start with. They're really comfy, would definitely recommend them and will probably buy a few more of them in whatever size I need now! I also got some crop top type sports bra things like KMH said!

  • I bought a John Lewis one which is really comfortable. I’m 11 weeks now and have worn it about a week, I’m usually a 32c but found my bras so uncomfortable as the wire dug in and my boobs spilled out the top. They are Pretty sensitive too at the moment 🙈

  • I can’t remember when I switched, it was when I was 20 something weeks.  

    i bought some off ebay

    Ive just bought some comfy sleep bras off groupon aswell, I don’t usually wear bras to sleep but I’m guessing I will need to put maternity breast pads in when my milk comes in - these are the most comfiest bras I’ve worn in a very long time

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