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never been so stressed in my life!!!!

I have never felt so stressed in my life!! I usually have a pretty easy going life but since i have been pregnant i just seem to have stress coming from every angle. So far this is whats happened

1. My mum fell and got a mental pole through her stomach and we thought we were going to loose her.
(she made a full recovery)
2. My grandad had his knee cap replaced but had a bad reaction to the drugs, so i me and my bro had to stay with him for 2 months and nurse him back to health.
3. My uncle and oh grandad passed away.
4 My mums an alcholic and once she returned from hospital after her accident she drank even more and now has nuropathy meaning she has lost all feeling in her legs.
5. She rings me every day telling me shes not going to live much longer and her husbands treating her badly, ive done everything in my power to help her just to be nasty to me and cut me off.
6.Oh was crushed while working on a bus and was off work for 6 weeks, leaving us financially strugggling (he's an hgv fitter by the way)
7 oh ex wife took us to court over money she claimed my oh owed her, we didnt have to pay her anything but cost a fortune in court costs and still trying to get them back off her.

And now just had a phone call saying my eldest brother has been arrested (cant go in to detail) but its not good and now i just dont know what to do stand by him or not? I(he claims hes innocent) t just seems like one thing after the other. I've moved out of the area and we now live in a very nice house in a lovely area and really wanted our children to have a nice life but it seems like everyone thinks i can sort everything out. i wouldnt mind i'm the youngest in my family.

Sorry for the rant i just wish my family would sort them selves out!


  • Hi didnt want to read and run, dont really have any practical advice but l think you should start putting you and your baby 1st and let them figure their own probs out take care x
  • Hi didnt want to read and run, dont really have any practical advice but l think you should start putting you and your baby 1st and let them figure their own probs out take care x
  • Oh speckle, it sounds like you are having a really rough time!

    I can emphathise although my problems are a lot less serious, I'm still getting very stressed every week/every other week with some crisis or other. First it was worrying about my parents reaction, then people shouting at me and being nasty, then it was the moment I'm worried about exposure to a virus which could effect the baby and my brother who is a little unstable at the moment. I have a feeling that there is going to be the equivalent of a nuclear explosion in my family tonight if an event which I think is going to happen, does.

    I don't have any advice as I'm not great at dealing with these things myself but just wanted to offer some empathy and to say I'm sorry to hear things are rough for you. I talked to a maternity mental health assessor just because I knew pregnancy was likely to cause problems in my family. She found I needed no further support at the moment but it was useful to know that if I had needed it, there would be support there for me. Have you talked about this with your midwife?

    I'd be interested to read others replies to this and advice on trying to keep stress free.

    Hope things get better for you soon x

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  • Hi Hun, don;t really have any advice just wanted to let you know that I think that you need to put u and lo first and try not to get too stressed! Tammi xxx
  • Oh dear, think you need to take a step back, tell everyone you cant cope with all the upset at the moment and just take care of number one for a while, you cant be expected to take on everyones problems all the time let alone when your emotionally zonked with pregnancy already.

    I say put yourself and baby first and everyone else will have to fall in line behind for a while x
  • i also didnt want to read and run.....
    i can only understand the mum thing as my mum is exactly the same and very ill through alcholism, and she also has husband that abuses her, that alone is very difficult thing, especially when then constantly ring you up about it, but whatever you say they never listen ... makes you feel like sh*t.
    she made me so stressed being nasty to me when i was first preg with evie that i ended up in hosp, with high bp etc.
    So cant imagine everything else you gotta cope with.
    but you gotta think about your baby, and try and distance yourself as best you can.
  • Hi hun sorry your having such a hard time. I know its easier said than done but you need to concentrate on you and baby, let your family look after themselves for a while.
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