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12 week scan and.............

Well I've had my 12 week scan now and I'm feeling a lot happier. It's so nice seeing that heartbeat.
All was not as perfect as one might have hoped though. We were told that there is a 1 in49 chance of there being something wrong with the baby after the nuchal fold measurements were taken. We are now going to have a more detailed scan at Kings College Hospital in London.
I have refused all invasive testing as we are not going to do anything with the results so it is stupid to put ourselves through all that stress.
This baby will be loved whatever. We are lucky in that we have a bloody good support network around us and having an extra special lo to share our lives with will be amazing. image


  • Hi tarot, what mixed emotions you must be feeling right now, it is great to see the heartbeat and know you now have a life in there, i don't think you're wrong in not having invasive tests.

    I am glad that you are thinking positively cos i know from experience how hard it is for you right now. Have you got a date for the next scan?
    Hope all goes well for you.xx

  • Hi hon

    Just remember that the baby as a 48:1 chance of being absolutely fine as well. Good for you for refusing additional tests and deciding to go with the flow so to speak.

    Big hugs to you and your lovely baby, no matter what

  • Hey hun,
    Awww-thats so sweet, I too think your right in not accepting the intrusive tests. I didnt even have the bloods as I felt it wouldnt make a differnce to how I felt about my baby anyway.;10051;28/st/20080729/dt/5/k/9e45/preg.png

  • Thanks ladies for your support it means a lot to us right now.
    My dad said exactly the same as you Karen :lol:

  • Hi.
    My sister had the same problem when she was expecting at 18 so I'm not worried. Just preparing myself for the worst case scenario. I'm a capricorn so it's easier for me to look to the negative first. That way I never get disappointed :lol:

  • I'm sure it will pass in no time and you'll be holding your little bundle before you know it.
    I'm sure it would be nice just to have one more peek in though just to say hello.x

  • Hi hun not much more to add but didnt want to read and run. I hope everything works out ok and will be thinking of you, OH and baby.
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