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Am I Pregnant

My husband and I are trying for a second child. My Ovulation date was 6/17 and we used Conceive plus. On 6/27 I broke out really bad/acne. So in doing research it said that happens when hormones change (I’m 41). So out of curiosity I bought the CVS Early test that night. Faint line after 10 mins so I waited til the next morning (yesterday) and took another test getting another faint line in 2 mins. Am I pregnant? The pic is from the morning test. Today I’m spotting. Three days sooner than my scheduled cycle. Am I pregnant?image


  • keep an eye on the spotting if only very light and for a day or two it might be implantation spotting. do another morning test in two or three days time see what happens if a good line then i would get that confirmed at your doctors for sure. wishing lots of luck and baby dust 🤞

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