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Just For Fun!! - Announcement ideas?

I have been feeling a bit down in the dumps and negative, so I thought I would start a thread that gives us all chance to think forward and look forward to when we do get our BFP's!

When the day comes and you see those 2 lines appear, how do you plan to announce it to family members, including OH, other children, grandparents etc etc.

I think my OH will just know from my face if I make it to the bedroom after they appear, otherwise he'll know by my shouting the house down from the bathroom! hahaha


  • Hi this is a good idea, when I'm lucky enough to conceive I don't want to tell parents by just saying I'm pregnant, 

    i was hoping to get caught last month and I was going to get my mum a birthday and with grandma on and dad a Father's Day card with grandad, I was a whole week late and really got my hopes up x

  • I had been hoping this month to do similar to announce it to my OH - fathers day etc... and then in a few weeks time it's our eldest sons bday and we were going to announce it to him then - as the pregnancy would have been pretty stable by then!

    It's not to be though. Ho-hum.

    In the meantime OH and me have come up with a plan. To announce to our families we are going to present the grandparents with a little gift box. Inside they will find a dummy/pacifier, a copy of our scan picture, and a little note from "squishy", asking them to keep hold of this dummy til they arrive.

    We think it'll be a super cute way to let them know, and then when it comes time to tell everyone the gender we were going to send pink or blue socks or booties, or a little Babygro, with a 20wk scan and another cute note.

    His parents and mine are all about those keepsakes! So, it's literally a case of giving them something they can hold on to and hoard but for good reason hahaha.

    I did have a loopy idea to attach my pee stick to our (read as his!) kittens collar, maybe with a note lol.

  • Ahh that's a really cute idea,

    my oh said even though we are trying he's still going to be in shock when it actually happens (shock wasnt the word he used lol) 

    so id quite like to do something nice when it happens rather than just telling him, giving him a Father's Day card would of been perfect but wasn't to be x

  • Ooh, y'know you could still give him a card... I've seen some novelty one's knocking around on the internet. They say things like "YOU! You make me sick..." then inside it's like "or maybe its just your baby that I'm carrying.."

    That might work!

    If I did anything like that I'd leave it in the bag he takes to work lmao, let him randomly discover the news while on his lunch break!

    I had a friend who told her OH during a conversation that had nothing to do with babies, she just slipped it in there "oh yeh and I bought some maternity clothes earlier so watch out for my parcel coming." he *totally* wasn't listening cause she'd been talking about buying shoes etc, she totally reeled him in!!

    He was just like oh, ok babe, will do... conversation carried on for a little then apparently he paused before saying "wait, what? what did you buy?" pmsl.

    Reckon I could catch mine out with that one too, when I talk certain subjects "yep" and "mmhm" is about all I get lol

  • Yes that would definitely work for me as oh just doesn't listen after a while I talk about that much rubbish lol 

    I love that idea of a novelty card for him that would be great I think I'm going to do that, x

  • My son is not my current partners. I would love to get a photo of me and partner with kaiden between us holding up a painting which says mummy and Ben are having a baby!

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