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3 in a row miscarriages

2 days ago I losted my 3rd baby and now feeling like I will never get a chance of having a family I have lost all 3 around 8-12 weeks once at home and twice I had to go to hospital because of losing to much blood I told docs every time something was wrong and no one listen until it was to late and now it is making my relationship with my partner rocky and I don't want to lose him just looking for advice on what to do next 


  • Take time for yourself first of all! I had three mcs and am now nearly 37 weeks with my rainbow, things were a little rocky at times with my OH but i did have to remind myself that we both deal with thinga very different ways and respect at times that he felt useless and unable to do anything to make it better which isnt ever easy for a man i dont think, take a month off, go on holiday if poss? Make time for you as a couple without baby pressure, i have full faith youll get your baby! The group 'trying to get pregnant after a miscarraige' is a god send on here if you need some girls to talk too xxxx

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