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My friend has her 12 wk scan next week, but has a private scan booked for 14 wks to see what the sex of the baby is. I asked if they could tell at this stage and she said yes, the private company said they could. I find this hard to believe and dont want her to waste her money if they get it wrong. Is it really possibe?
I have another friend who is 35 wks pregnant and you would hardly know that she is pregnant. No bump and no real weight gain! She was sent for a reassurance scan as m/w was concerned re size, but baby is fine and measuring right for dates!! How is this possible? Jammy bitch!!


  • hi the private scan company im going to use will tell you at 16 weeks but i bet all companies are different
    claire x
  • Hi, with my daughter I found out at my 11 week scan, I made the sonographer confirm it at my 20 week scan but yep she'd been right the first time.

    h x

  • Im in edinburgh and im getting a private scan at 27 weeks by babes in the womb - according to their site though they will do a 2d sexing scan between 18-34 weeks but another scan they do is a reassurance scan between 12-28 weeks and in the column under sexing for the reassurance scan it says 'yes if requested'!!!!!!! The sexing scan is from 18 weeks but at a reassurance scan as early as 12 weeks they will tell you if you want!!!!!!! image

    Suzi 22+1 xx

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  • I thought for most it was 16 weeks is the earliest that they would tell you
    i weighted and found out at a 4D scan when i was 24 weeks.
    As for your other friend it could just be the position the baby is lying in that is making her look like she isnt pregnant. with my first i had no sign of a bump or weight gain intill i was 32 weeks gone x
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