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oh god im loosing my baby.

well its 5.20am and iv had a small bleed im crying dont feel i can cope dont even want to exsist anymore im 6weeks today and its my birthday. feel like doctors and gyna have let me down. at least gynae could seen me as emergency and got ball rolling this week to have hormonal injections could have possibly kept my baby alive its small bleed was tiny bit and as stoped now but it was fresh blood im so devasted are there any inspiring storys out there that have been through this and gone on to have healthy pregnancy. cant even go ane because they dont do scans on weekend so cant even see whats going on i wish i could go sleep and never wake up again.


  • hope someone comes on line.
  • i cant stop crying my partner is pacing the room this is my 4th pregnancy and dont know how much heartach i can stand.
  • Hi hun its horrible being in this situation i know it easier said than done but try and keep calm and talk things through. Had two mc then fell preg which i bled every three weeks until 24 weeks hes now 19mths .and im 34 wks and had the same bleeding again . If it gets any worse take yourself to a and e , best wishes laura
  • Hi hon,

    Try to stay calm (easy for me to say I know). Hopefully this will be 'one of those things' that are unexplainable in pregnancy and, fingers crossed, it will be just a bleed rather than a mc.

    I really wish you all the best and am sending you massive
  • try and stay calm (i know its easier said than done), my friend had bleeding for 2 days and her baby is fine. She is now 20 weeks.
  • hi ladys thanks for replys i feel sick my bf just dont know what to do aint gone ane as i dont have transport and didn want to move. it was tiny amount have now god little bit brown discharge. its horrible its supposed be my birthday iv had 3 mc in past this my 4th pregnancy and im inconsolable
  • cant you call nhs helpline explain situation? my friend bled all the way through her preg and i mean bled really heavily and her little girl is 18 months old now. i know its so hard and i dont know how you feeling but try and seek some advice asap. so sorry xxx
  • iv had enough every bloody time i get pregnant and having these babys taken away i just cant help but think worst. as much as i worried little this time i really really didn think this would happen. and to top it off i have terrible aching pain at top of my left leg going all way to the knee. i feel nhs direct will just send me s8 to ane image
  • thank you ladys your messages are puting my mind slightly at ease as some of you say you can bleed and go on to have healthy pregnancys. i remember last year my pregnancy i got brown blood at 5weeks and had scan and they found heart beat but unfortunatly went on to miscarry. image
  • hun try to calm down cuz it won't be doing that little bean any good, my friend bled really heavily all through her pregnancy and she had a perfectly healthy little boy a year ago...i can't speak from personal experience because i didn't bleed i'm sorry...could it be that if u weren't pregnant ur period would be due about now? some girls can experience break through bleeds all through their pregnancies...hope ur ok hun and try to stay calm...i know it's easier said than done but by getting so upset ur putting pressure on ur body...get plenty of rest and i'm sure everything will be fine image x
  • like the others have said,please try and stay calm,getting so upset is not gonna help,easier said than done i know,i had a fresh bleed at 7 weeks and everything turned out ok then i started bleeding again at 13wks and passed a clot and everything tuend out ok,the doctors didnt know why i had these bleeds,keeping everything crossed for you

  • oh hun i have bled early with both my viable pregnancies and 1st time round very heavily. they are both ok though.
    if it was just a little blood then that may be ok and as its brown now thats a good sign as its old and not fresh
    honey you can try the a and e route but i never found them very supportive. although they may book you a scan for tomorrow at the epu.
    Take care and really rest up. praying that this one is a sticky one for you.
    Filo x
  • Alright, you're probably going to think I'm crazy but I'll still take my chances. This morning I had a dream that I was chatting with you on this site. Now you know that we've hardly ever talked to each other. But I saw your name so clearly in my dream. You came online and told me that you were pregnant and how wonderful everything is going and that you were in your second trimester.

    I woke up and searched for you on the TTC forum because I couldn't remember if you were already pregnant or not and then came on here and saw your message. I don't know if this dream means anything at all but I just had to get it off my chest.

    I've been reading that in a very early pregnancy, a little bleeding is nothing to worry about. Ofcourse it doesn't help that you can't see a doctor right now but all you can do at this moment is rest and try and relax. I'm sure everything will be fine. I've had 2 mc's myself so I can imagine how hard this must be. But like I and the other ladies have said, it could be nothing. Let us know when you've seen a doctor hun. Lots of sticky dust and big hugs xxx
  • oh hun sorry to hear of your losses before. I've had a mc so know how horrible it is.

    Try and see a doctor or call epu or a&e asap to get booked in for a scan if you can. I just wanted to say that a friend of mine has had several bleeds already in her pregnancy (I think 4 or 5 and she's only just in 2nd trimester) and her baby is doing ok. Sometimes the bleeds just happen and don't have any reason for it.

    Thinking of you and hoping your little bean staysput
  • i no its easy 4 ppl to say but try and stay calm if u have stopped bleeding or its turned brown thats a really gud sign ive had 3 m/c this year and ive had bleeding last week had a scan baby was fine it cud b implantatin bleed dont just fink cos u r bleeding its the end hun cos i thought that and it really wasnt get some rest the more u think u r looseing ure baby the more distrought u will b it cud b somany reasons y u r bleeding hun just try to stay calm and il send u lots of baby dust xxx
  • hi
    sry to hear ur having a rough time of it but i please please try to calm down. i've not experienced bleeding myself but i've heard that many women doand evrything turns out ok.

    as SB says, u really do need to get to an a&e. they can book u for a scan tomorrow, they can also start with blood tests to make sure ur HCG levels are what they shld be etc. u do need to do this to put ur mind at rest, otherwise u'll spend all of today, tomorrow etc driving urself round the bend with worry.

    take care

  • oh crystal! u poor thing, it doesn't always mean you are losing it, my sister had lots of bleeds and went on to have healthy preg!
    How are you now? are you going hosp first thing??
    really hope ur ok!!!
  • hi sam thanks hun been so worried. thanks for your reply really hope everything ok. X
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