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Had my 12 week scan...

... and it was amazing!!

Baby was being really stubborn and lying in an akward position so had to go for a walk and have a cup of tea....

Neck measurement was 1.3.. and has put me at a risk of 1:5012 is this good?

They have put me forward 4 days so im now 12 + 4 and EDD 18th September!

How do i post pics on here?



  • Steph - that's lovely news!
    Yay! Am very pleased it all went well for you!
    I think your NT results are really positive too - its a LONG time since we had ours so I couldn't tell you what they were!!!

  • ahhh B.E ate my post image

    Congratulations, isnt it the most amazing experience ever, seeing your baby for the 1st time. i cant help with the risk or pictures im afraid, sorry xxx
  • Fantastic news! I bet it is all really sinking in now!

    We didn't have a nuchal scan so I can't help there but I think high risk is 1:250 so yours sound great!

    Bec 30+4 x
  • Brill news Steph! That means you are due the day after me.

    Glad it all went well for you

  • This is wonderful news honey i have just got back to your emailimage

    Mine NM was 1.3 which at the scan said was really really good, did you have bloods done I did and was told mine was 1:528 so yours are way higher than mine and they put me at a low risk image

    K xxx
  • Congratulations glad it all went well.
  • Thats fantastic hun and results are low risk so thats great.
    looking forward to seeing your scan pic.
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