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Pregnant after miscarriage - Part 4



  • I guess it will depend on how much you earn over the entire year.  I am paying tax and NI at the moment, but haven’t dropped down too low yet as my Mat pay is subsidised.  Once you drop below the monthly amount for not paying tax (is the freshold 10k?) I should imagine it will stop - but can’t say for sure, soz 

  • Mrs Fish is 11850 for most people (I work with tax codes so you'd think my work should be able to answer!). I've changed to a cumulative tax code so my tax should hopefully reduce. I'm due a bonus just as I go onto statutory so hopeful I won't get it all taxed back. Only time will tell though!

  • Can anyone recommend any nipple shields? I’ve woken up this morning to flat nipples 😭 

  • Mummytolilly I've heard good things about the MAM ones. Good luck hun. Xx

  • hi all

    i have just come on my first period 4 weeks after i had a natural missed miscarriage. I would be around 15 weeks pregnant now had the pregnancy continued. 

    I want to try again right away, so I’m really relieved my period has arrived. I got pregnant last time on the first attempt, I’m just wondering does anyone recommend to wait longer than just 1 period? 

    am I putting myself at risk for another loss? Or am I safe to try again in around 2 weeks time when I should then be ovulating?? 

    Many help is appreciated 

    thanks xxx 

  • I’d personally start trying straight away Brooke’s but every person is different from what I’ve read trying again is perfectly safe some say your more fertile straight away but also it depends on how your feeling and giving yourself enough time to grieve properly xx

  • Hi Brookes if you feel ready then go for it. through research I don't believe you are at any more risk of a miscarriage now than you would be if you waited hun. 

    Just be aware you may not fall right away hun and to not give up xxx


  • Hi ladies

    I have followed a lot of your journeys from trying to get pregnant after miscarriage which has helped me so much since my miscarriage in April. 

    I am now pregnant again about 5 weeks I think so am very tentatively posting into this group. 

    All I wanted since the miscarriage was to be pregnant again but when I saw my BFP I kind of felt nothingI’m thinking maybe too scared to be excited. I was wodnering if any of you ladies experienced this?


  • Hi Brookes sorry for your loss, I wanted to start teytry straight away but due to complications I couldn't , but after my first period had returned I fell late that month, I'm now 12+1, good luck :) x

  • Hi su91 

    Sorry for your loss but congratulations on your bfp! I can relate to how your feeling, I think Il feel more excited once we've had our 12 week scan and know we're in the ' safe zone' and once I can feel stuff :) I am excited deep down but still can't believe it even though we've had 4 early scans. Xx

  • Thanks Steffyjane. I’m going to see if I can convince my DH for us to have a private early scan.

    Sorry if you’ve said there Is a lot to read through, when is your 12 week scan? Xx

  • Definitely recommend or ask your epu if they can scan you of your worried at all. Mine were excellent with me. Scan is 30th be 13+2 :) xx

  • su91- I’m feeling similar. I’m petrified that this one is going to go wrong too. The weeks can’t go quick enough. I suppose it’s no good worrying. I worried throughout my last pregnancy and it still went wrong so it doesn’t help or change anything, if you know what I mean.

    positive thinking might be the way forward!

    god knows!

    brookes sorry for your loss. I agree with mrsrees and honey, start trying as soon as your ready.xxxx

  • EmJ3 I know exactly what you mean! I am one of lifes worriers as it is but my husband tells me all the time worry about something happening will not stop it happening or change anything! 

    Lets give positive thinking a try (some days anyway)!

    Brookes so sorry for you loss. As others have said try again when you feel ready. My first cycle after miscarriage we didn’t try or try to prevent then I fell pregnant again my second cycle after. We did lots of reading and it’s very much a thing of the past to wait 3 months or 6 months if you feel ready straight away! 


  • Su, welcome, I’m sorry for your loss but congratulations on your bfp. My partner was actually the one who was overly worried and didn’t want to get excited when i Got pregnant after the miscarriage. Private scans definitely helped both of us though, really eased our nerves during the first trimester. 

  • Su, the worry never stops but trying to keep positive as much as possible helps. I completely know how you feel as others in this forum can too I’ve had four losses over the last two years. I’m now 13+1 today and can’t help but look back at this same point last year we loss and I can’t wait until my scan on wednesday to help ease my mind or when week 13 is over. Although I know it can happen anytime it’s no safe time until they are in our arms. But I claiming this one to be brought forth 26/1/19

    Brooke’s sorry for your loss and trying when you feel ready is totally up to you. I couldn’t last year because we had some complications I had to get over but my hubby said by the end of 2017 we are trying for my girl so we did. We didn’t track we just did things the old fashion way which took some time but she came. 

  • Thanks whale chick definitely going to look into a private scan!

    Dee2Dee thanks you, all the best for you scan on Weds 🤞 


  • Thanks whale chick definitely going to look into a private scan!

    Dee2Dee thank you, all the best for you scan on Weds 🤞 


  • Thank you for your replies everyone. It’s so nice to talk to people who are going through similar situations. 

    Steffyjane congrats on your pregnancy image was your miscarriage with your first pregnancy if you don’t mind me asking? I hope I catch again as quick as you did, here’s hoping and praying! I definitely feel ready, excited but anxious at the same time xxx

  • We're all here to support eachother :) yea it was Brookes :( broke my heart, I worried none stop as I had a feeling something was going to go wrong, I have been so much calmer this time though. I hope you fall quickly to. I found both times I conceived to not have sex a few days either side of ovulation and to just dtd the day I got my positive ovulation day. Good luck wishing you all the best xx

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