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implant?! also in ttc. x

hey ;ladies!

just wanted to see if anyone on here has also had the implant removed to ttc either now or in the past???
im just a lil worried that its going to take a long time 2 get my af bk to normal??!!
i had mine in for 8 months with maybe only a couple of af's!

i had a few days of spotting after the removal n lots of cm??!! is this normal?


  • Hi Marie,
    Just thought i'd let you know my experience...
    I had the implant in after having my dd. It was in for 16 months & i had no periods at all during that time.
    I had it removed in sept '09 and had my first af exactly 28 days later (very odd for me as i was irregular before i had it in??) Anyway we started ttc and i got my BFP at the begining of dec '09 so really it was only our 2nd month ttc. I was like you worried it might take a while to get my BFP but thank goodness it didn't. I should also mention that at my 12 week scan we found out we are having twins!!!!!!! So i can absolutely say that the implant didn't affect my fertility! LOL
    Good luck with ttc & i'm sure the spotting & cm is perfectly normal. xx
  • thankyou! n congratulations on the twins!! did they run in ur family? x
  • No, neither my family nor dh's family??? A total surprise lol. xx
  • i had my implant removed and my first AF was 8 days late. after that, completely normal. OV and everything. my dr said it takes abotu a week for the hormones to disappear and u go back to normal. i feel pregnant 6 months later. good luck!! xx
  • hi marie,

    I had implant put in in sept 08 after the birth of my son, it made my periods very irregular and i was getting married on aug 09 so i decided to get it taken out in june 09 and go on the pill for a month or so, so i could make sure i wouldnt have my period on my wedding day!

    anyway decided to not start the pill after my period end of july and i am now 31 weeks pregnant so got pregnant within the first week of trying!! i thought it would take months but there we go.. a few friends have told me the implant doesnt leave anything in your system but i dont know whether that is the case or not!!

    anyway good luck ttc! xxx
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