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abdo pain linked to bowels?

i want to pick your brains.

i was in agony yesterday to the extent i went a&e, i also had a lot of pv bleeding. after tests and scans, my cervix is still closed and bubs is fine, in a good position with a good strong heartbeat. they can't see where the blood is coming from but it has calmed down now. i can deal with the bleeding, its just the pain, and since its not looking like its from my lady bits, i'm thinking the possibility of my bowels??? has any else had really bad abdominal pain which was orginating from the bowels? if so what was it and what was a remedy for it xxxx


  • are u sure u dont have IBS? i suffer from it and its very hard to tell the difference between a preg pain and a IBS one....main symptoms i can tell ya are:
    Diaorhea or constipation
    sometimes dizziness

    and it can put you in hospitalif it gets really bad
  • I have been getting really bad cramping since being pregnant, but I recognise it as my bowels. I am getting constipation, well, not going at all for a whole week, then a week of diarhorrea, then back to not going etc. I am usually constipated, but this is rediculous, just part of the joys of pregnancy tho I think. Probably pregnancy triggered IBS. I would have a chat with your GP, keeping a record of pain, bleeding and bowel movements and what you eat until then?
  • agree with lori it certain foods that make ur stomach hurt? e.g greasy or spicy?

    they're the usual culprits
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