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feeling sick at 31 weeks is this normal???

i had morning sickness until i was 5 months pregnant and was really pleased when it finally went away, but im now nearlly 31 weeks and i've been feeling sick through the day again and and also i keep waking up in the morning with headaches and though i usually suffer with headaches i haven't through my pregnancy. i can't eat very much even when i feel really hungry as i feel full really quickly which i know is normal at this stage as the baby is bigger and sitting higher up but this isn't helping with the sickness. Has anyone else had there sickness come back?


  • hi when i was pregnant with my first daughter i had really bad morning sickness untill i was 4 months and i was so please when it went, only to be disapointed again when it came back at 6and a half months. i found that a glass of coke really helped to ease the sicness and make me feel a bit better. im not sure about the headaches though you should mention them to your midwife. hope you start to feel better soon xx
  • Thanks i'm glad i'm not the only one. The headaches have eased now but i had to to hospital as i was having some low abdominal pain, it turns out i have a bladder infection, this is the second one i've had through my pregnancy so far. This could be some of the reason why i've been feeling sick. Thanks again
  • You might also be feeling sick because you can't eat much, and this might explain the headaches too. Also your little one will be pressing on your stomach making you feel unwell. I have been feeling a bit sick as well andI'm 32 weeks. Best mention your symptoms at your next ante natal. Hope you feel better soon.xx

  • im 31 weeks and i cant stop throwing up i eat then i throw up ...sick of it what should i do??

  • Hey Jessica, 

    I would talk to your mw! Hope it clears up for you soon! x

  • If your sickness is very severe you want to take a look at the website Pregnancy Sickness Support

    Its a charity that helps women suffering from Hyperemesis Gravidarum, the severe form of morning sickness

  • Hi i'm 30 weeks pregnant and for the past 2 days I've bin feeling crap I'm feeling sick often but eating fine feel really drained all I want to do is sleep and my chest feels like someone s sat on it is it normal to feel like this?

  • Im 31weeks pregnant first baby 

    During my first trimester i didnt have morning sickness at just tired and lazy lol but now im vomiting every second night and its happening to me in the night around

    What could be the cause of this?

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