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Could I be pregnant

My husband has been fignting cancer for 18 months and we have just been given the go ahead to try for a baby.
I'm 43 just came off the pill in August, the past 2 weeks I've been suffering from what I can only describe with something like mild travel sickness and tiredness.
Is it possible I could be pregnant already?


  • hi trisha, only one way to find out, do a test, and all the very best to you. Im 38 and only tried for a couple of months before becoming pregnant - sometimes it just doesn't follow that us 'oldies' find it harder to conceive. let us know ok. meg :\)
  • Thanks Meg,
    My period is due Thurs, if it doesn't arrive how soon can I do a test?
  • hi trisha, you can do a test as soon as you want, if its positive whoopie and if its neg and you dont have your period in another couple of weeks repeat it. all the best, meg.
  • I just caught your post, you could maybe try one of the first response tests or even clear blue nowdays as they say they can detect pregnancy hormones up to 4 days before your period is due. xx
  • I'm nervous about doing a test, so much want it to be positive but afraid it will be negative.

    Thanks for the advice I will try the first reponse, keeping everything crossed!
  • Thats fine good luck, and take care xx
  • hi trisha, firstly sorry your hubby is poorly and i wish him well (for the both of you)...secondly... yes it is possible for you to catch that early, ive been pregnant 3 time since last november (long story) and have caught straight away each time, the third time we tried again we 'tried' 2/3 weeks before i was due for my next monthly and within days of it being due i knew i was pregnant, everyone said i was building my hopes up and how can i be so sure but each time i just knew i was...and i was!! the tests comfirmed it, although it might not show if you do it too early but like megmum said if it doesnt show at first you can always do another at a later day. just wanted to let you know it is possible.good luck to the both of you. all the best becky xx
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