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how could people just give babies away??

i feel really concerned now to what must go through some peoples mind


  • Yeah your not joking they must be really desperate or somthing
  • I know what you mean but that is why there are specially trained counsellors to help people through those hard decisions.
  • i dont know about you but from day 1 of knowing about being pregnant all i have done is worry and love my little babies
  • yeah not so called christians to say something like that
  • As soon as i knew i was preg i loved my little man so much & to think of anyone else having him except us makes me feel sick:cry::\(
  • I loved my bubs from day one and would never even consider giving him up
  • I'm gonna be the voice of reason here. (I think)

    There may be circumstances which the mother does not feel able to keep the baby, for example the baby may be the result of a rape or the partner may be very very abusive and the mother does not want to subject a child to that life. It may be the parents of a young mum that decide "Its best" to take this course of action. It may be considered that abortion would be better but some people are totally against it regardless of the circumstances and therefore rather than terminate the life of the tiny miracle, people may opt to have the child adopted.

    I could never contemplate giving my baby away, afterall I have been through a severly emotional rollercoster to get to this fortunate position but many ladies I know are still trying 12 years on and several ???????? in debt, but without knowing the full facts I don't think its fair to dismiss adoption and afterall adoption is a route that a lot of women/couples resort to after many years of unsuccessful ttc or IVF treatment.

    Hope this doesn't offend anyone, no offence is intended at all. I just felt it important to see both sides of a story really.

  • Hard to be rational when you're pregnant, I think. Not the place to come on and ask for babies tho I must say. Especially when there is a forum for people who are having probs conceiving!
  • no offence taken but to go into a pregnancy chat room and almost ask for someones baby, i have no problem with adoption through the normal route me and my oh considered it after 2 m/c but luckily so far so good im pregnant again and all is well
  • I agree with you ( just_me ) its not always so easy for people, but personally i would never ever even let giving my baby up cross my mind, oh just to think of it makes me cry. He is mine and owains, i didnt plan my pregnancy was on the pill and when i found out i was instantly protective of my little theo and would do anything for him already and hes not out yet!! x x x
  • My friend is on about adopting but not like this she is gunna do it properly
  • Don't get me wrong, I reported the mad woman last night and was deeply disturbed when I read her extremely insensitive and bang out of order comment. I was simply answering the question which is the title of this thread - not in response to what that Lisa person had said.

    I know it is hard to be rational when pregnant, I often found it hard to be rational beforehand lol and in no way condone what she said, I think perhaps cos of my IVF and the thought of never being able to have children naturally has made me see people who do put there children up for adoption in a slightly different light. Although that said, most children that are up for adoption have been in the care system for several months as opposed to being given up at birth.

    Again, I am sorry if I have offended anyone, I just thought I had to say something. It would appear that as well as getting pregnant, I have acquired a soap box lol

    cheers ladies

    [Modified by: just_me on March 15, 2007 10:09 PM]
  • hi no harm done everyone has the right to their own opinion lol xxxxxxx
  • I think adoption the legal way is great cause so many unwanted babies and older children can get new families, but weird 1 on here is just wrong and scary x x x
  • hi Sophia, how are you fluffy - hope you and baby Theo are ok xxxxxx we've missed you xxx
  • definatley, she has no place on here and hopefully now that she has been reported (several times) she won't be back and Kelzmummy, if she does return, will hopefully see that we are sane, normal (stop laughing ladies lol) people.
  • i wasnt laughing lol xxx well not much.
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